Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Alito is NOT prolife, not right for US Sup Ct

The Yahoo News reports including video footage show Samuel Alito holding conferences with two of the nations leading prodeathers-- namely Diane Feinstein and Ted Kennedy. The prodeathers believe that the US Constitution is not relevant and can be pulled and twisted to mean whatever they want it too. The prodeathers do not adhere to the written words of the US Constitution including Article I Section I that gives only Congress the power to legislate, though another clause does allow the people themselves to sponsor a Constitutional Amendment via the referendum process of 2/3 of the States. Samuel Alito by aligning himself with the prodeathers is making it known that he is not a FOR LIFE person and that is very significant. Alito has also "distanced himself" from comments attributed to him in 1985 in which supposedly he said that the right to abortion is not in the Constitution. Well, the "right" to kill one's offspring when they are the most vulnerable that is in the womb, is certainly NOT written anywhere in true law of either The US Constitution, the Amendments to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence and God willing,it never will be . Abortion is a heinous crime against the baby in the womb, the mother and father of the baby, the grandparents, the nation and humanity. However the fact that Alito is now saying that he made those remarks [about abortion not being in the Constitution] merely parroting what he thought his potential boss wanted to hear, and did not mean them [the distancing himself part of the event now in the news] shows that he lacks integrity and honesty. So a person who had no integrity and no honesty should not be a JUDGE on any bench in any Court in any nation! Justice to be just must be decided by a person who knows the difference between right and wrong. It ic clear that Alito does not know that difference since he ruled unethically on a case that he was financially invested in knowing his decision would directly affect his shares. And now he has "distanced himself' from the statement that abortion is not a right in the Constitution. Abortion is a sin against God and as such it should be a crime, and punishable as a crime. The US cannot continue to have separate standards of punishing those who kill the innocents who are grown in other nations while not only allowing the killing of innocents in the womb where they cannot fight back but also encouraging it, promoting it with their dog and pony theatrical performances in the US Senate that are nothing but posturing for position and influence. The US would be better off entirely without the US Senate and it seems also without the US Supreme Court also.


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