Friday, December 03, 2004

Royal Hashemite King Abdullah's great speech

I am writing about a speech delivered in Amman by King Abdullah of Jordan. Now, I wasn't there to hear it, but I read it on his website and I was so impressed! I want everyone to read it. because it reveals what kind of man he is and what his vision is and of course, that affects the US. We have been able to count on Jordan to be allies in the past. I am asking all of you to read the entire speech for two reasons : 1) it is powerful and moving, and 2) he includes verses from the Qu'ran and that seems to be very necessary for all of us to understand the real religion of Islam . That builds bridges to the other religions based upon ONE God and the believers, and tears down barriers between nations. That speech helped me understand that they are not our inherent enemies as so many have tried to say but which I never believed to be true. His speech is on the site and click on "amman" in English.
Here are the words that leaped off the screen at me: "upholding what is good and forbidding what is wrong, accepting others,and honouring all human beings"; "belief in one God" ; "the daily prayers by which we connect to our Creator"; "Muslims believe in all messengers of God, denying the message of any of them is a deviation from Islam" ; "peoples of different faiths can meet together with respect for others' ideas and faiths, and act in common in the service of human society"; and "shun violence and cruelty". These are very powerful words for anyone but especially a King!
Of course, as a prolifer, intent on ending the slaughter of innocents, I especially loved this quote, " Islam upholds human life. There is to be no fighting against non-fighters, no assault on civilians and their properties, on children in their mother's laps, on students in schools, on older men and women.To assault the life of a human being is equivalent to assaulting the right to life of all, and this is one of the greatest sins for life is the continuation of humanity."
I pray that God will raise up powerful men who like King Abdullah of Jordan, will take a bold and public stand for human life and who will not budge one iota from it, when the sessions for the US foreign policy are discussed, when the debate on the UN cloning policy [God willing the policy will be a ban on human tampering!] and the "family planning" agenda is deliberated,and when the monies are passed out. And also, when the debates on the curriculum for the schools is discussed, and the rules for lobbying, and the candidates for office are agreed upon, and the platforms for a nation are decided, that human life will be held sacred and put first as the necessity of continuing it. I pray for both Pres Bush and King Abdullah to be righteous men who know that the continuity of each respective nation depends upon policies that are conducive to human life flourishing and continuing and in that regard, that both men begin to remove from the government any influence that is against human life.


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