Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oh the medical times, they are a changing...

For all you readers who think that embryonic stem transfer is a good thing, please remember that the nations of Germany, Australia,Canada,Norway and France have all made "therapeutic cloning" aka nuclear transfer, a felony! If the US wanted to be a "good" nation, it would not legalize the killng the innocents for the sake of research. The Nuremberg Code of International Law outlawed any research that kills the human involved in it. That is what embryonic stem cell research is--killing the human embryo to use the cells for research. There can never be any benefit from killing and ingesting humans! Cannabalism is repugnant on the face of it. Most of us do not need "scientists" or paralyzed actors to make us rethink the moral issues. The moral issue is: killing of a human to benefit another human is a sin according to God's words, of "thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13

Also,more news that will bring about a tsunami of change in the medical field: Health Partners Insurance has announced it will no longer pay hospitals or doctors when they make medical mistakes, nor will their contracts allow the patient to be billed either. This will have the effect of holding the doctors and the hospitals' feet to the fire so to speak. They will be suddenly be accountable in some way for what they do. Hopefully, this trend will catch on and bad medicine will not be funded by any insurer. And while they are at it, I pray for them to include abortion on the list of medical errors,since the patient DIES in that procedure. The patient operated on, the baby in the womb, is destroyed. Therefore,the insurance companies should not ever pay for that procedure! Would an insurance company pay a mob hit man? IF a compelling argument can made for why they would not do that [and certainly I pray that such an argument can be made] then they should not pay for any form of medical killing.

Also, more news. Today I was a guest on the internet radio show, at which is aired on anyone's computer. It airs Mon-Thurs from 12-1pm live and has a replay on Saturdays. The host of that show is Joyce Zounis; and it is a part of the Silent NO More campaign to give voices to those opposed to abortion. The name of the program is "Voices of Abortion". Sometimes it allows call-in comments and questions so check it out!


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