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Salman Taseer is a martyr as defined in Bible.; Constitution of US

I read the sad news that Salman Taseer was assassinated by his own muslim security guard, because Taseer as Governor of Punjab, took a bold political stand for the rights of Asia Bibe, the Christian woman who was condemned to death for blasphemy. She was accused of blaspheming a human man [Mohammad] because she said he 'had worms in his mouth when he died' an obvious reference to his humanity and a clear statement that he was not GOD. The political furor that is following still is reminiscent of Biblical records of when JESUS was crucified for defying jewish tradition by teaching of a heaven and hell, and for saying HE would rise again on the third day, which was also considered blasphemy.
Salman Taseer stood up for the political rights of Christians to believe that JESUS is The Messiah [and not Mohammad] and he was trying to free her. It is certain he knew the risks of that unpopular move as he wrote words on his twitter account that indicated he knew it would cause an all-out war there ['the last man standing"] as Muslims fought against Christians, and vice versa, statement. And certainly it was not a surprise to GOD either, who knows all things. Does GOD not reveal to those who listen, HIS plans for the nation? And did not Taseer publicly acknowledge his ready and willing attitude toward GOD with the statement that he would not back down from his protection/defense of the Christian woman to believe in The GOD and therefore not believe that Mohammed was GOD. What he did was similar to when Martin Luther King, black leader of the civil rights movement said in Memphis that he had seen the mountaintop [the reference to when Moses went up on the mountain to be alone with GOD from the Old Testament], that shortly preceded his assassination.
I suspect the tide has turned there because of Taseer and that the people themselves no longer have any heart to fight against The GOD who sent JESUS [whom Christians believe in and follow] and Who resurrected JESUS on the third day into heaven, where he is alive forevermore according to Revelations. I pray that Taseer did not die in vain but that Christians will rise up there and seek/demand their political freedom to co-exist in peace and obey their consciences.
Let us as a world honor Salman Taseer, who paid the ultimate price on behalf of Christians. I am Christian and I honor him with this entry today.
For what Christians believe visit these website; [entitled I am Christian]
and for some of the words of JESUS as recorded by Joh the Apostle read this website:
Gloria Poole; 5:19am;5/Jan/2011; at home in Missouri
Also update at 6:12 after reading more news, specifically the CNN article at :
An article about the Obama instigated plans for removal of the Christian cross
that is atop Mount Soledad in San Diego California since 1954 in honor of war veterans.
The atheists have been trying to remove
that cross since 1989 but when fake-Christian-real-muslim-Obama got into office ,
they had his political backing to rule it 'unconstitutional". IS Christianity and christian symbols
"unconstitutional" or is Obama's attack on Christian symbols,Christian websites,Christians, and his muslim hatred of Christians, in violation of
the First Amendment liberty to worship GOD, and freedom of religion not freedom from religion??
6:09 AM 1/5/201
Update again on the topic of civil liberties. Where do you suppose citizens get their legitimate 'rights" with the operative word 'legitimate since there is NO right to abortion anywhere in the true laws of the federal government? The answer of course is the US Constitution and "Bill of Rights" formally known as the amendments to the Constitution. On that topic, here's more:
The best thing that has happened in Congress since George Washington was President:
the new Congress will read the Constitution aloud in session,according to
Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez in article entitled "New Rules in the House of Representatives"at:
I quote from that article:
New House rule: "A full reading of the Constitution
will take place on Thursday, the second day of the 112th Congress."
Please read the entire article as it lists other changes in support of the Constitution. Those implemented again 'rules' will
reign in the efforts by socialist-atheist Obama to ruin the nation. Remember
that socialist and communist countries/leaders always attack GOD first because they want the
peoples' allegiance and do not want citizens to trust GOD or obey the Commandments but do want them
to blindly follow despotic leaders. Article at:
6:37 AM 1/5/2011
Update on 6/Jan/2011 but leaving words about Taseer on entry on purpose as being of importance to believers and adding this update of importance to all citizens of US:
In today's NY Times there is a reprint of the Constitution but not the amendments to it. I don't think what they reprinted is the entire
constitution however so compare it to the Cornell Law school version. You could read The Ny Times 'annotated version" at:
I am sure it is no accident that the NY Times is omitting from reprint the Amendments since the amendments make it obvious by the omission that the
constitution was NEVER amended to include a " right to abortion" as the wicked so often claim. There is no such 'right' in the US. Read the Constitution and amendments [listed separately ] and on Cornell Univ website for law since not on the NY times' article and on some history books. Many history books used in schools in the US do not include or include the entire Constitution or "bill of Rights' [list of amendments to the Constitution] because they want an ignorant population when it concerns the true laws so the wicked could make them up as they go along and the [ignorant] people would not know the difference. Remember Thomas Jefferson said, 'the people of every country are the only guardians of their own rights, and are the instruments which can be used for their destruction; it is an axiom in my mind that our liberty can never be safe but in the hands od the people themselves; that too of the people with a certain degree of instruction." [end quote] The groups that kill innocents in the womb infiltrated public /private schools in the 60's to remove the Constitution and amendments especially the first amendment, and put in place of it their wicked and false words such as 'separation of church and state' and 'right to abortion'. There is NO right to abortion in Constitution or Bill of Rights; and the words 'separation of church and state" do not appear in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. The wicked Obama wants to keep you ignorant of the true laws so they [him and his administration] could manipulate you and deceive you. Don't let them--educate yourself on the real words of the real voted on,ratified by the people Constitution and amendments. Gloria Poole; 7:36am;6/Jan/2011


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