Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jackson's M.D./ killer is the warning flag & no blood from 'gays"

If you have any doubts about the direction this nation is headed in with the so-called reform of health care that intentionally moved health care from delivering health and life to delivering death, the news that the medical doctor who intentionally killed Michael Jackson with a drug not intended for home use, is allowed to continue to practice his macabre medicine should be a wake-up call to you. The fact that he :
1) willfully, intentionally ordered through deception no doubt since anesthesia drugs are controlled substances and limited usually to anesthesiologists, a drug used to induce general anesthesia with all the risks of death that involves, and...
2) used it in a non-approved setting [the home of Michael Jackson]...
3) and on a patient known to be using other drugs for sedation, which made him a very high risk for anesthesia since other sedatives enhance the effectiveness of anesthesia and also the risks of such events such as low blood pressure [BP], cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest...
4) and he knowingly, willingly used such drugs in such high risk situation without any of the usual electronic monitoring devices for vital signs and blood level of oxygen which are standards of care in any setting where anesthesia is administered...
5) and he caused respiratory arrest of Michael Jackson by these deeds of his, ...
6) and he did not respond as a first responder would have to the emergency he created by his actions...
7) and there seems to be no question that he did all of these things, and YET,
8) he is allowed by a prodeath judge to continue these sort of actions and ..
9) to keep his medical license, to practice; therefore...
causing the public to know that the licensing of medical doctors by the State of California has nothing whatsoever to do with appropriate behaviours of a medical doctor and is a political decision only for the purposes of taxation of medical doctors, and that the best interest of the public is NOT one of the considerations that Judges take into consideration. Therefore, if these events do not cause you to abandon your medical doctors based and licensed in California then you must not be thinking clearly. And if these events do not cause you to understand that the focus of health care in the US has turned a grim marker to the premeditated deliberate delivery of death. IF Michael Jackson, pop Singer and ikon could not get good medical attention and if his death has not caused the loss of the medical license of the man who killed him, then what hope do average citizens have of getting appropriate medical attention, and avoiding death by doctor?
Do not be deceived by the propaganda of the Obama death by doctor plans. The fact that the Obama care death by doctor was intended to deliver death by abortionists which are killers of innocents was not hidden from the public or the evil Congress. It was made plain before the vote on it when that turncoat weasel Stupak argued for killing of innocents and abandoned all his own words of blocking any such killing that he spoke before.
IT is a very very bad sign in the U.S.
Gloria Poole, [RN] at 7:22 AM, 15-June-2010; at my home in Missouri
Readding info from previous post to keep it in the public eye:
Update at 6:01 PM same day after reading some of CNN news that thankfully the FDA is not controlled by politics but science and voted no to blood from homosexuals:
"Health statistics show that men who have sex with men have a
higher rate of diseases including HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.
Gay men who would be likely to donate have an HIV prevalence that
is over 15 times higher than that of the general population,
according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
A quote from article about the FDA upholding the ban on blood donations
by homosexuals.And also this quote: "The blood donations go through HIV
antigen screening (to detect antibodies produced by the body in
response to the virus) and nucleic acid testing. However, there is
a "window period" for about two weeks after an individual becomes infected
with HIV when these tests cannot detect the virus. Read the article in CNN news today: 5:57 PM 6/14/2010


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