Thursday, February 21, 2008

Please release Pakistani Ambassador and Journalist

To Whomever is holding the Pakistani Ambassador, Tarif Azizuddin, please release him. Taking hostages will not help your cause. Also, governments of Afghanistan and Muslim countries, please do not execute a journalist, for reporting the news! I am speaking of journalist Sayed Parivez Kaambakhsh, who was found guilty of "insulting Islam" and sentenced to death. Please do not do that! A journalist has a task to perform and whether it puts your country in a positive light or a bad light, it serves a useful function of holding your governments accountable. Allowing the reporting of the news is what gives your own people a hope of a future.
I am asking you please to release these two men if their only "crimes" are appealing for peace and reporting the news. I understand that the news reports are not always as they are reported and that different reporters cover stories from different angles and with different photos, but a true religion [Islam] if it is based upon the truth of GOD will endure being questioned. If it not based upon the truth of GOD it won't endure and persecuting or executing people for questioning it will not change that truth. The Bible says that GOD will deal harshly with false prophets. If your prophet is not false, his teachings will endure. If he is false, better you should know it before you get to hell's gate, don't you think?

Pakistani Ambassador's Photo courtesy of AP news:



7:29 AM 2/21/2008
or at:

Afghanistan - Yahoo! News Photos



If you have seen him, please notify authorities!


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