Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Very good news & very bad news

I don't know about y'all but I have many sleepless nights wondering what GOD is going to do in this nation to end the premeditated murders of millions of innocents, [in those godless baby-killing places, and wondering if the righteous people in this nation should be planning to emigrate to countries where human life is held in sacred regard. I see as a read the news from around the nation and around the world, that there is a very distinct enemy of human life and it has to be the devil. You know how I know that? Because JESUS said HE came to give life so that means the enemy of JESUS who is the devil is the evil agent who wants to destroy human life, and who kills,steals, plunders, destroys, loots. It is written, "the thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I [JESUS speaking] am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly." [John 10:10]
There is good news. The First Amendment won this past Monday in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in deciding that license plates with the words "choose life" are not unconstitutional. The traditional mainstream news tried to block out that news because they are heavily invested in the killing ideology and get much money from those who kill. You may read more on this on my blog at, entitled Civil Liberties for the Innocents, and if for some reason you could not read it there, then go to another of my websites at and read it there. I have learned the hard way that the enemies of GOD are also my enemies and I discovered yesterday that hackers tried to destroy my blogs at and There has been a massive assault against even my very name because I am a known prolifer and Registered Nurse and those who kill, hate me. That's as JESUS said it would be because JESUS said that those who hate HIM will also hate HIS followers. The people of GOD--those who believe in and adhere to the words of GOD have always been hated by those who hate GOD. That has always been the root of evil in the world. Now the very bad news. . .
You have to know that Barack Obama is a big time proabort person, who has definite ties to Planned Parenthood. Please do not let planned unparenthood decide who the President of this nation will be. That wicked group from h--- announced yesterday that they will pump $10 million dollars into electing a puppet for their causes. Why does planned unparenthood have not-for-profit status when according to all records they make billions off the human flesh and blood that they destroy? The true values of Americans are on the line because the world is not as stupid as the wicked would have you think. They see the true values on display--scantily clad women strutting the beaches, liquor stores on every corner, abortion clinics by the dozens in every city, s-e-x for sale everywhere and openly promoted on TV, crime, killing and corruption in the cities, officials taking bribes, the offspring of those who are career politicians shacking up, without any regard to their parent's public image and without regard for any sense of appropriate behaviour or protocols. In today's news in the New York Times is an article about the Police in Lima Ohio, gunning down a mother holding an infant, and also shooting the infant too because they were looking for her "boy friend" [for lack of a more polite term for that situation].
And here's even more bad news: Yale University that was begun as a CHRISTIAN university has become the tool of the devil. Visit this link and read the article there and then throw up:
I visited Yale a few years ago to get a feel for its climate and I am telling you it is downright inhospitable to Christians. No one should send their "children" to that abominable University! It is not good.
Is the tide turning in America for good by the 9th Circuit Court decision? I hope so! The fact that the 9th Circuit ruled in favor of constitutionally protected speech for prolifers gives us hope. If we prolifers are able to protest the killing of innocents with the government's protection for that liberty, instead of the government attacking us, censoring us, arresting prolifers marching at killing centers, ruining us financially, refusing to uphold our civil liberties in any situation, then perhaps truth will win out. I am positive that abortion as a so-called right will end. How that will happen is what is not certain to me. Will it because GOD raises up a nation from afar to bomb abortion centers the way HE raised up the US to bomb Germany's gas ovens that were methodically killing millions? Will it be a so-called civil war as in a domestic-based war since there is nothing civilized about war? Will it be a sudden waking up of the nation to the horror of abortion? And the demand by the majority of the good people in this nation to outlaw such evil as the premeditated killing of innocent babies? Only GOD knows the answer to this but I am positive of the truth of GOD that GOD will end abortion one way or the other because HE creates each baby in the womb and HE wants all of them and HE defends the innocent. The Bible says GOD avenges innocent blood, in several places of Scripture and when HE begins to do that it is going to be a horror living in the US.


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