Friday, May 12, 2006

Google Groups: You've been invited to choose_life

gloriapoole has invited you to join the choose_life
group with this message:

I know of your work and your writings or websites. I would like for you to
join this group and add your commentary and news to the mailouts. This group
is intended to educate, encourage and edify prolifers around the world, and
persuade the opposing side to come over to the right side of the issue, i.e.
for life for all. Please join the group and begin receiving the messages any
group member posts. I have set the default as a digest email that will send
all new messages in a daily email, but you can edit that setting when you join,
if you like.
Also, please forward this to as many as you like. /s/gloria

Here is the group's description:

A group to desseminate the news on the issues of life to anyone who wants to
sign up. Hopefully, will draw high caliber educated people into the efforts to
stop the killing of innocent human beings when they are most vulnerable i.e.
in the womb. Welcome to all prolife news groups and individuals.

---------------------- Google Groups Information ----------------------

You can accept this invitation by clicking the following URL:

Access to the group on the web requires a Google Account. If you don't have a
Google Account set up yet, you'll first need to create an account before you
can access the group. You can create an account at:

--------------------- If This Message Is Unwanted ---------------------

If you feel that this message is abuse, please inform the Google Groups staff
by using the URL below.


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