Friday, January 13, 2006

USA=death on demand Dem_Socialists

I am a Reg Nurse of many years with a current license. I want to write for you what being opposed to medical killing has costs me in all terms:
1) the loss of a professional career because I am not hireable in the US because I will not participate in medical killing of abortion, euthanasia passive or active, or "harvesting" of vital organs, or advising the sick to sign away their right to life.
2) I have lost at least $100,000 from lost wages secondary to being fired for protesting medical killing on the job, and labeled "insubordinate" for protesting assisting those who medically kill as being part of the job.
3) I have been labeled "insubordinate" or "difficult " because I protested injecting healthy newborns with LIVE viruses and refused to do that as being an unconscionable act.
4) I have endured name calling for years as being "stupid" , "narrow minded", "one issue voter" "ignorant" , and "uneducated" because I denounce the so called "progressive" idealogy that it is the duty of government to kill off the sick or "unwanted" . I denoounce now and forever the idea and belief that killing is a "right" and tell you without fear of reprisal it is a sin to kill according to Scripture Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17, "thou shalt not kill" .
5) I have seemingly "lost" or had taken from me, the Amendment right NOT to be searched illegally and to be protected from illegal seizures of information from my computer or personal papers and effects. I was searched at airports 4 TIMES for no apparent reason and given no explanation and in one of those times boarded next to a man from Lebanon who said "they would not dare search him" and my reason for being on suspect list, [I am supposing] is that I am prolife and oppose killing!
The wicked in the US, those who profit enormously off the blood and tissues of human babies have hired spin-meisters to portray prolife persons as "dangerous" because we don't believe in killing.
6) I lost the livelihood that I had worked hard for, studied long for, endured hundreds of tests and practical demonstations of my ability because I refuse to participate in medical killing.
7) I was denied promotions, denied being hired, fired for refusing to be an accomplice to medical killing, or be silent.
8 ) I was arrested on misdemeanor in 93 or 94, and charged with trumped up charge of "obstructing Law Enforcement" and "trespassing" and spent approx 4 hours in jail, for saying in the waiting room of a publicly funded clinic for the indigent that abortion kills a human being and that God opposes killing. I was in the same clinic where I volunteered as a Reg Nurse for a year and where the doctor who was the Medical Director of the Clinic, and whom I had known when he made consultations in the OR, vouched for me. The wicked powers that be of abortionists and planned parenthood, dragged me into Court to defame me and ruin my name because I said it is wrong to kill babies in a quiet and unobtrusive way to a waiting room of poor people. In the Court, I gave my testimony, refused to apologize for saying it is wrong to kill and the Judge allowed me to leave. I also said that I had hoped that IF i had lived in the era of Nazi killing of Jews that i would have had the courage to protest it. I sang at the top of my lungs praise songs to God while sitting on my bunk in that jail, and thinking "in the US of America, I was arrested for SAYING IT IS WRONG TO KILL babies. I was so shocked but I remembered how in the Bible it is written that when Paul and Silas were imprisoned for preaching they sang and the prison doors were opened. I sang at the top of my lungs and the Police Officer came and nearly threw me out of the building. The counties that are run by those who hate God still persecute Christians.
9 ) I lost "friends" who told me my efforts were wasted and that I should have just "gone along with the duties" to keep my job.
10) I lost the respect of some of my family who could not understand why I would forfeit a good paying job to save my soul, and who called me names and told my children they "should lock me up in mental hospital" because I refused to participate as a Reg Nurse in any form of killing and lost my job and income as a result.
11) The FBI knocked on my daughter's door when she was a student at Univ of Ga and interrogated her because of my protests against killing in the state of Ga.
12) I lost the professional respect of my career that had a track record of 20 + years, and the respect of peers because of the labels applied to me by wicked "human resource" dept heads who were hired to hire those nurses and doctors willing to kill babies, elderly, sick, injured, for pay.
13) I have been ostracized from my own Republican Party that has a Prolife clause so that I "don't alienate" the wicked who want the "right" to kill babies..
Now ask me, do I think a wishy-washy man who doesn't know what he believes or why and has no backbone, like Alito should be on the Supreme Court? No. Ask me if I think the US Congress is a good thing? NO. Ask me if I think a woman has a "right" to kill her offspring? NO. Ask me if I think the US is becoming the problem in the world and not the solution? YES.
Ask me if abortion should be legal? NO. Ask me if abortion is a "right" ? NO. Ask me if prolifers who voice belief in the words of God of "thou shalt not kill " should be handcuffed, dragged to a car,arrested, dragged into Court, made to defend religious beliefs and First Amendment rights? NO.
signed gloria poole RN aka gloria poole pappas, RN

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