Monday, January 02, 2006

Nominate Michael McConnell for Supreme Court

I have opposed Samuel Alito since the beginniing and I continue too and my reasons are sound. Any person who does not accept the truth that a human baby is by definition innocent and deserving of the "full faith and credit" guarantees of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, should not be a Judge. The phrase full faith and credit has always meant that the US Government does whatever it takes to accomplish the goal. The goal in this case is the protection of innocent human lives. Alito sided AGAINST human babies three of the four times he was called on to make a decision and has proved that his interests reside with the abortionists and the wicked instead of with the innocents. So I say as a Reg Nurse and Christian, reject him as Supreme Court Justice.
I am a believer that whomever offers criticism should also offer a better plan. I think a better man for the long term job of Supreme Court Justice is Michael McConnell of the 10th Circuit Court. There are many others who think as I think on this subject and I have to wonder why Pres Bush did not nominate him to begin with? Judge McConnell's attributes according to an article in the US News on July 19,2005 are: 1) a foremost scholar on the religious clauses in the Constitution, 2) vigorous opponent of abortion and proved it by statement, "reasoning of Roe v Wade is an embarrassment to those who take the Constitutional Law seriously" in 1998, and also he supports a Constitutional Amendment to protect the innocents in the wombs of their mothers. 3) He is a "staunch supporter of school vouchers" and God knows literally what a difference those would make in our nation, if forced atheism was not the goal of "education". 4) He believes in freedom of speech and press for religious believers. 5) He helped defend the right of the Boy Scouts NOT to include sodomy as a teaching goal or to allow the sodomites to infiltrate the pureness of the Boy Scouts.
These goals are compatible with the US Constitution as it is written and they are compatible with the teachings of all religions that adhere to the ONE and only God. The US is desperate for some moral leadership and it seems to me that Judge McConnell offers that. I found out today that he answers his own phone and has humility. I think he would be a better person to defend the rights of the preborn and the rights of children not to be taught perversions or sodomized, and the rights of all who believe there is a God and HE makes the rules.
You can read the US News article here:

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