Thursday, December 01, 2005

"What's wrong with this picture?'

I read a lot of news online and today I found more evidence that Alito is not a prolife person and not interested in overturning Roe so for that reason, I am opposed to him being put into a position on the Supreme Court.. Of course, the wicked proaborts are using a reverse strategy to imply that he is the big risk to the Roe decision, yet there is absolutely no evidence that he ever voted prolife. The one vote that has been considered to be prolife in which he ruled that a married woman should tell her husband before she aborted did not require that she not abort if the husband opposed, so in effect, it was a cosmetic appeal to the men's interests. Men should legally have a voice in how their sperm that fertilized a woman's egg, is treated and raised, and they should be recognized as the giver of life in the sense that without a man's sperm, no woman would produce a baby.
Also, I want to raise this question: how is that the so-called prolife "catholics" are always proabort people? Is that more evidence of the failed worship-of-man-as-god experiment ? Think about it. Think about the famous "catholics" who are the most radical prodeathers that have ever been in the US Congress: Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, who both voted against human life more than 72 times when they voted against human embryoes in the womb, natural incuabator, of their mothers; Of course, include John Roberts proabort "catholic" on the US Supreme Court who fooled no one, but sleazed by on his Harvard degrees and the power of the money-laundering crowd and bribes and kickbacks of the proaborts to the Congress. Now add to that cesspool, these names Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gov of Calif, who in today's news reports he is proabort, and that he has added another proabort Kennedy to his staff, in the person of Susan Kennedy. And add Samuel Alito, who is the current proabort on the agenda to be stirred into the witch's brew of "good catholics" who are evil because they promote and adhere to the killling of innocent human beings.
Aren't all "catholics' proaborts and aren't they all liberal Demoncrats? Don't they always believe that whatever they can get away with is a "right"? Aren't they wicked precisely because they worship idols and denounce God? I pray that the true believers in the Living Lord Jesus pray as never before that never again will a proabort person be elected to any office in the US. signed gloria poole pappas,RN

Catholics adhere more to the pope and to the apostle Paul, a human, than they do the teachings and words of Jesus.


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