Saturday, December 10, 2005

PROTESTANTS, Stand & be counted!

I have studied some of the events that brought about the Protestant Reformation and I think it is time for another one of those. The Protestants protest idolatry, the doctrines of men and the statutes and idols of the false religions. There is nothing made by human hands that can save you so do not ever bow down to idols. Do not ever look to any human who has tried to set himself in place of God, as your Saviour. There is only ONE God and HIS name is Jesus. He is called other names in other languages but HE is never called "pope" and HE is never called "mohammed" and HE is never called "Joseph Smith" and HE is never called "bishop" or "priest" or "Rabbi"; nor is HIS image made by human hands. The wickedness of this world is so appalling and I am sure it is because some humans quit worshipping the ONE God and accepted idols and false gods of men dressed in finery in fine palaces like that rotten and corrupt Vatican and the rotten and corrupt US Senate. I have endured the false gods attempt's to silence my message but this I promise to God and to myself: I will NEVER quit praising the true God and I will NEVER bow down to idols and I will NEVER acknowledge any human being as a Saviour, and I will NEVER quit protesting idolatry.


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