Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Prolifers are Winning!

Hey, there is much evidence that the prolifers are winning and they are doing it peacefully but with determination, conviction of the rightness of the cause, perseverance and committment. The State of Mississippi has passed many strong prolife bills to protect the innocent. Harriet Miers withdrew and that was good since her role models in life were radical proaborts such as Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court. So Pres Bush has nominated a man who is regarded by many prolife organizations as prolife to the US Supreme Court. The prolifers know we are winning but the wicked are acknowledging that also. YEA, the prolifers are winning! I have always said that God wins HIS battles and the cause of life is HIS battle. Get on God's side in this debate because God said and wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill" as recorded in several places in the Bible in the Commandments but also in different words when it says "therefore choose life". The flip side of the thou shalt not kill, words. Thou shalt not kill/Choose LIFE.

Also there is a new website encouraging all prolife groups to come together and you can find it at I did visit the site but do not know who is sponsoring it but it has a call to action plan.


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