Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Is Harriet Miers committed to the prolife cause?

It has taken a few minutes of effort to retrieve my blog AGAIN... but here is what I want to ask the public to think about: is Harriet Miers a person committed to the cause of government protecting the innocent? The true law of the US Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights uphold the principle of life, when they define under what conditions the US government Judges can appoint anyone to destruction, by listing the civil liberties and when it defines the purpose of the federal government. Now a lot of ignorant and/or wicked people in the US try to pretend that the "Roe v Wade" decision is a "right" but I am telling you according to God's commandment, the killing of innocents is a WRONG! God said, "thou shalt not kill" [Exodus 20:13]. It is NOT the duty of the US government to uphold the [false] right to kill the innocents! That Roe decision is shameful and a dark stain on America's history and it must be repealed by proper action of the US Congress when they create a Constitutional Amendment to protect all humans from medical destruction in any setting or for any reason. The right to life is the most basic right of all--do dead people need anything else? Life has to be the primary purpose of any government--to protect the innocent and defend life. Socialism of course has the opposite goal of eradicating the citizens for the power of the elite, and that form of government must be defeated everywhere. The question to be answered is, Will Harriet end the slaughter by her vote or will she be a traitor to the cause of Life and the Republican Party Platform?


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