Monday, August 29, 2005

Why I am opposed to the Plan B killer combo of drugs.

Why I am Opposed to the Plan B aka the morning after pill aka the "emergency contraception" by
Gloria Poole Pappas,RN

I thought for a long time that the more intelligent forces in the Congress [there are a few] and the medical doctors in the US at large would combat the Plan B chemical warfare against women and their offspring. Now I am compelled from conscience to write this since the number one terrorist organization in the world known as Planned Parenthood is marshalling its forces to sue the FDA to attempt to force it to be their lap dog and legalize their chemical killlings. Let me list point by point why I am opposeed to the combination drugs known as "Plan B" or "morning-after-sex-pill " or "emergency contraception."

1) The purpose of that chemical cocktail is to kill and that alone makes it unacceptable to those who believe there is a God and He is the Supreme Sovereign who judges all and Has a Day of Wrath foretold in Revelations.
2) Plan B is a potent dose of hormones that would not be legal if the men of the human race were expected to use them.
3) It has been proven the cause of death in at least 5 deaths from bacterial infection from retained baby parts, that caused sepsis [infection so extensive that the bloodstream became infected] and death.
4) The potent hormones put women at a greater risk of cancer as defined by the World Health Organization.
5) The use of hormones [the same ones as in contraception but higher doses and more potent] greatly incease the risk of thrombophlebitis [blood clots in legs] and dislodging the clots so they travel to the heart and lungs or brain causing death from pulmonary embolus, cardiac arrest and stroke. This risk is even greater for smokers and other classes of women.
6) It removes or makes void the advisory capacity of medical doctors and in effect, sends the message to young people that they can treat themselves with potent chemicals. If football players were in this situation, there would be special hearings in Congress on how to prevent the use of them.
7) It has been promoted via propaganda, inflammatory perversions of words normally associated with life-threatening events by attaching the word "emergency" to it in order to deceive the public, when in fact there is no such thing as an emergency to kill an innocent human.
8) It's purpose is to create a reckless abandonment for men and women to the sexual act that was intended to create human life and which should be a a sacred act between a husband and his own wife and it encourages an attitude of refusing to accept responsibility for one's own acts and offspring. It degrades and commodifies sex, men,and women, and their babies, reducing them all to just products to be sold in a "black" [unauthorized] market for crushing and dicing and making other drugs, and cosmetics and death defying scams. It promotes the false and ungodly idea that sex has no consequences-- that same lie that has deceived millions and is directly responsible for millions of STDs.
9) The use of the word "emergency" and the subsequent inclusion in hospital emergency rooms' written protocols to be dispensed without medical doctors having first seen and evaluated the patients may cause prolife women to be given the chemical toxins without their informed consent or approval, thus violating their First Amendment rights of freedom to respect God's laws of "thou shalt not kill".
10) Without medical care and history taking to evaluate the risks of the chemicals to each specific person the long-term negative effects can not be predicted by a teenager, a tween-ager or an adult without medical training. It has been my experience as a Registered Nurse of decades that most people do not ask for the package insert for any medicine, even for doctor prescribed drugs, and therefore they maintain the see no evil attitude of just swallowing the risk and casting their fates to the winds. This is because most people in the US still see medical doctors as fudiciaries who have their best interest at heart, even though there is much evidence that such may not always be the case e.g. Terri Schiavo .
11) Therefore my finishing up this article summary is that as the citizens learn that the FDA is debating and not categorically rejecting any drug that has the intent of killing, they will lose confidence in the medical profession, the FDA and the government. That might be good in the long run but how many will die before that causes the federal government and its liaison with the killing organizations such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood, to implode?


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