Friday, July 29, 2005

BE prolife because it is the right thing!

Recognizing that human life is sacred and made in the image of God is the first step in acknowledging that the duty of good governments is to protect the innocents. Those governments who make the tiniest most defenseless citizens just fodder for abortion mills and "research" labs are bad governments! The US Senate has shown its true colors when it has even allowed debate on the issues of any research on defenseless, innocent humans. The Nuremberg Code of laws set standards for research on humans and the consent of the one being experimented on, is absolutely essential. Where is the informed consent for the tiny embryo that is "unwanted" ? Is being "wanted" the criteria for humanity? Of course not! That standard is so loose, so immoral as to be no standard whatsoever. The killing of humans with premeditation is a sin against God and it must also be a crime ! Protest the declassification of humans as human by the Congress and by the US Supreme Court!! Humans are unique and made in God's own image and we are not merely "products of conception" or products of research, or "biotechnology"!! God said, "thou shalt not kill" and it is recorded in Exodus 20:13.


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