Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Times of Malta gets it...

The Times [newspaper] of Malta, gets it. They understand what the issues are in the battle raging in every nation for the lives of the innocent preborn citizens. They printed,"across the world, the number of abortions allowed by law or unsanctioned is greater than the sum total of soldiers and civilians killed in the wars of the 20th Century. We should find the disregard for life in peaceful circumstances abhorrent." As reported December 04,2004 , in the newsletter from the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children in the UK. Also, other leaders are getting it too.
The recent attack on the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia, according to the news, also upset the Saudi citizens, and their Royal House and that is good. Not good that the attack happened but good that it made the Royals decide to fight back. Their Prince seems to be a man who wants the name of Arab or Saud to be honorable and that is good also. According to the Reuters news service, in article, "Saudi Prince wins libel case" on December 06,2004, Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal, who is the London Ambassador from Saudi Arabia, said," the killing of innocent life goes against Islamic beliefs".
I look for reports of the men and the leaders of the world, who become determined to fight the true good fight against the devil, and his destruction in order to publicize them. Along those lines, there is a book recommended by www.newamerican.com, entitled The Empty Cradle, by Phillip Longman. about how the falling birthrates in every nation threaten the world's continuance, and what we should do about it. Mr. Longman said, "we' re not facing a nuclear war, or a population bomb, we're facing a depopulation bomb.This isn't just Europe.It's the entire world." Of course, there are at least two demographics reports raising the alarm also, one from an Indian Economist and one from the French.
The purpose of my work is to end the killing~Be a part of the solution! Raise a standard for life. Speak out, write on behalf of the unborn children, open your mouth for all those appointed to destruction according to Proverbs 31:8. Be a voice of the martyrs! Babies in their mothers' wombs sacrificed by their own mothers for money, or political power, or to keep their figures, or for vanity, or to appease the man involved, or to continue their educations, or for any reason or no reason, are martyrs! They need heroes. Please be one. gloria poole pappas,RN


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