Friday, December 10, 2004

Thank God for Roger Koopman

According to Helena, Montana news and Associated Press in an article,"New Lawmaker proposes death certificates for all abortions", a new member of the State House, Roger Koopman, is sponsoring a bill to require death certificates for all aborted babies. He said, "its a small way for our society to acknowledge that a life did exist even if they didn't get to see a sunrise or blow out a candle". Koopman said he hopes it will make women think what they are doing if they "choose" to kill their baby in the womb. The official "Cause of death is termination of pregnancy: I imagine it would say and then every anniversary of the self inflicted pain of the mother, she could get her piece of paper, only reminder of her baby, out and look at it.
Some time back I might have considered that a stressful thing to subject a woman too, but now, I think if she killed a toddler she would be in jail, (hopefully!) and if she killed her husband she would be in jail, (hopefully) but if she killed her tiniest most defenseless member of her family, she would be "counseled" and "given grief therapy" and "reminded of her rights" and "consoled" and "comforted". The shame of it all! The absolute disgrace of what this nation has come too! The unspeakable horror of a woman putting her innocent baby on a list to be destroyed and then acting as if she had somehow brought women as a class to some new level of "power" or glory.
When I stop to think of all the millions of babies in wombs, that never had a name, never had a birth day, never had even a moment of sunshine before their lives were mercilessly snuffed out by horrible dismemberment and literally being torn apart, it breaks my heart.
I pray Roger Koopman is a bold and righteous and determined man. Also,that he never, never, never, never gives up the battle for the lives of the innocents; and that he uses whatever means he has at his disposal as a Legislator to force change in his State and therefore inspire other men in other States to do the same. May God help him and may God bless him and may God protect him and his family as he prepares to do battle with the Femi-Nazis and other radical baby-killing factions in this nation.


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