Saturday, October 02, 2004

The TV Show worked out well with new co-hosts

Today, God answered prayers for me! I have a TV show on DCTV ch 58 in Denver, Colorado and I wanted a co-host for some time now. I have recieved an answer to those prayers. Today, a couple appeared as guests on my show and they talked about rescuing babies from the clutches of Planned Parenthood's killing machinery here in Denver, by showing photographic images of aborted babies to the prospective aborting women. The stories they told of how angry the women become when confronted with the truth of the about-to-do-deeds; but also miraculously how some women repent and walk away from the killing center with their babies still alive within them. Well, this wonderful couple, the Scotts, are going to co-host the TV show with me. I am delighted! They have some very interesting stories to tell about years of the work of climbing over ladders to scale the "sheets of shame" that Planned Parenthood erects to attempt to silence the First Amendment rights of both the speakers/rescuers and the women involved, who are considering abortion.
How Planned Parenthood bribes the US Supreme Court in order to pervert the US Constitution, is a challenge that I dare anyone in the US to discover and reveal to the public! There can be no other explanation for the infamous Roe decision because there was absolutely no legal precedence for it in the US or the English common law, and there was no authority in the US Constitution delegating to the US Supreme Court to duties of creating new laws. The Roe decision was a new law because the words "right to privacy" do not appear in the US Constitution which is supposedly the 'right" the Supremes used to create the Roe law. Article I , Section I of the US Constitution gives only Congress the authority to create law and only Congress the ability to pass an amendment but requires that Amendments be ratified by the people themselves. How the Supremes got away with amending the US Constitution without the legislation of the Congress or the ratification of the people themselves, can only be explained by a lot of money changing hands under the tables. Can anyone out there detect how and when it was done and is still being done?
If the "supremes" were able to think and reason and were not in the pockets of the billion dollar baby killing and baby-parts-selling business known infamously as Planned Parenthood they would reason that the educated people of the world know the truth, i.e. that a human baby is human from the get-go of male sperm meeting female egg, and therefore would know the Supremes could be bought. And when they figured out they could be bought, then they could also be blackmailed and then the jig would be up??? Would it not??
Help me on this one all you sleuths and journalists~uncover the secret in this billion dollar hijacking of the true laws of this nation. Who is the mole? And who is the receiver of the goods? II Timothy 6:10 is written, "for the love of money is the root of ALL evil, which while some have coveted after,they have erred from the faith and pierced thsmselves through with many sorrows. " So according to God's words, greed, aka the love of money, is the root of all evil so therefore since abortion is evil, the root cause of it is greed. Now all we have to do is track down those who are greedy and those who are satisfying that greed and we will have the answer. I am reasonably sure that some of the players are John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, both US Senators since the "biomedical, biotechnolgoy" centers are in Massachusetts and both have consistently voted for the goals of Planned Parenthood, embryonic stem cell research aka harvesting the life from the tiniest ones, and legislation legalizing such atrocities. That is the first clue.
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