Monday, October 04, 2004

This class warfare is not new....

This 30 yr war against the unborn children is not the first event of its kind in the history of the US. There were other dark stains on this nation because of Judges who did not heed the laws of God. I want the public to recall some of them, and so I write them out here:

"In the eyes of the law...the slave is not a person." Virginia Supreme Court, 1858

"An Indian is not a person within the meaning of the Constitution." George Canfield, American
Law Review, 1881

"The statutory word, "person" did not in these circumstances, include women." British Voting Rights Case, 1909

"The Reichsgericht itself refused to recognize Jews... as "persons" in the legal sense. " German Supreme Court decision, 1936

"The law of Canada does not recognize the unborn child as a legal person possessing rights." Canadian Supreme Court, Winnipeg Child and Family Services Case, 1997

All of these were provided by the Toronto Right to Life office in their newsletter. Of course, we can add the words of the US Supreme Court's infamous and illegal decision of 1973,* delegalizing human babies as human if they were in the public domain, as the laws of this nation require. They have been removed from the public domain because the words of the Presiding Judge said something to the effect that if medical science ever established that a fetus is a person, then the 14th Amendment would automatically cover those persons. So the wicked have tried to rewrite history but I read the words in an old Law Text book when I was in NY and have regretted since not having written them down word for word. I forget just how wicked the wicked are! And how they try to rewrite and fabricate "history" to suit their wicked agendas.

One thing I have learned as a Registered Nurse, is that government licensed agents who can kill innocent babies in the womb, for political power or money can and do use false doctrine to further their blood money gains. I saw falsified medical records when I reviewed medical records for the Georgia Peer Review Foundation and when I complained, I was suddenly fired! The prevailing attitude among "health care pretend providers" is that killing is "health care" but far be it from me to accept such false doctrine as truth!

Killing is not providing health or life and I defy anyone to say it is! It still amazes me how stupid the wicked pretend to be when it advances their causes. The fact that Article I Section I of the Us Constitution authorizes only Congress to create law completely escaped the minds of all those "legislators" in the Congress for the years 1973 until even now. There has not been one motion to impeach the Judges of the US Supreme Court who usurped the power of Congress! Isn't that shocking? I think it shows we in the US have a "shadow" government. one masquerading as legitimate when in fact it is totally false to our true law of the land, the US Constitution. In our true law, citizens have the right to life which cannot be denied without due process. Where is the due process for the unborn as a class?


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