Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin Gov: fire unionized state employees;find better

I have watched some of the news about the Wisconsin Governor who has ba--- enough to take on the union! I am praying he wins too. And I have this advise--do a Reagan --and fire them all for forsaking their jobs, abandoning their duties, while causing the state losses in paid time off to cause problems. Believe me there are hundreds of thousands seeking employment who would not consider having to pay only 6% of wages to their pensions and only 12% of wages to their health insurance to be 'suffering'. Most private companies expect employees to contribute 50% or more to their pensions and about 80% of their health care premiums. The unions in America are done with. They have made the US non-competing with the world and they have driven up the costs of every product or service any union controls to the point that Americans cannot afford union made in America cars or union made in America housing. Also the unionized schools that suck up 75-80% of state budgets but on the world's larger picture turn out students that cannot read,or do math, and are on average clueless about how babies develop in the womb,or any science for that matter. But they do know 'black history' and the myths of the 'Camelot ' of the do-nothing-positive-for-America-Kennedys. And they do know where to ge an abortion and how to have sex from about first grade having been taught that 'life skill' in first grade by Planned Parenthood surrogate teachers. The unionized schools who have a stranglehold on the federal budget and because of FORCED so-called contributions from millions of employees [taxation in effect] are self-serving and have ruined America and most of the public schools. No matter how ineffective or bad a teacher is, after they get tenure, they are guaranteed a lifetime job by the unions. Could any company compete if they had to pay wages for the rest of a person's life to those who are not fit to work for them or would be fired in private sector for failure to perform? NYC is example. Their bad teachers are removed from classroom and have to report and sit in a specially designated room for the work day where they could play games on computer, talk, socialize, flirt ,whatever, at NY taxpayers' expense. An example of unions' cause and effect.
Gov Walker, fire them all. Get some good employees, and some willing to work an honest days' work for an honest day's pay.
Gloria Poole; 9:48am;22-Feb-2011;@my home in Missouri;Update @ 10:21 am same day:This quote is from article about "Billionaire Brothers…" by Eric Lipton, that tells of brothers David and Charles Koch who are pushing back against socialist takeover* of America; in NY Times today at:
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/22/us/22koch.html?_r=1&src=ISMR_HP_LO_MST_FB/ with this quote:
"Political activism is high on the list of priorities for Charles Koch, who in a letter last September to other business leaders and conservatives explained that he saw no other choice.
“If not us, who? If not now, when?” said the letter, which invited other conservatives to a retreat in January in Rancho Mirage, Calif. “It is up to us to combat what is now the greatest assault on American freedom and prosperity in our lifetimes."[end quote']
*Footnote: unions that have for decades promoted communal type socialism of employers being the "parents" of their employees and being forced to provide wages,benefits,insurance,social life,care-taking and being forced to create microcosms of the soviet state for any they hire, are the exact cause that America is in the mess it is. India, China, Mexico,Indonesia, Phillippines have the jobs that once existed in the US because their employers are not bound by Washington DC's stupidity to force employers to take on the care, raising and education of American workers.
Update @ 2:30 PM same day:"Hit by an aging population and a poor economy, a near-record number of U.S. counties are experiencing more deaths than births in their communities…"Quote from AP article in Yahoo news, written by AP writers HOPE YEN and JOHN RABY. This is the real cause of decline in America--depopulation funded by the US government who gave MILLIONS to Planned Parenthood to kill off the future of America, by aborting nearly all the upcoming generations.
Update with another helpful argument for Gov Walker that the public sector is not hurting & is the problem :This quote from :
voices. washingtonpost.com, article entitled " On Wisconsin again" by Charles Lane, in today's Google news:
"…but according to the National Institute for Education Statistics, in 2007-08, the average annual base salary of all regular full-time public school teachers ($49,600) was higher than the average annual base salary of regular full-time private school teachers ($36,300)." and this one :" refer interested readers to a disinterested source: the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. It reports a 44 percent total compensation advantage for state and local employees over private-sector employees."
This update on 23rd Feb @10:10am: with a quote.
This quote is from article today in the Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo news:
"Politically, this battle is the ultimate partisan clash. Unions and the Democratic
Party are joined at the hip. Unions collect mandatory dues from their members,
then contribute massive financial and human support to the electoral campaigns of
their political allies (overwhelmingly Democrats).
Democrat office-holders repay these favors by granting unions generous legislated
benefits, both monetary and in the form of rules that strengthen the political power
of union officials. Wisconsin’s Democratic senators took the extraordinary step of
fleeing the state in what appears to be a desperate ploy to preserve the flood of
union money coming to them, while Republicans seem every bit as hopeful of reducing
the flow of tax dollars to their political opponents.
Indeed, it is the use of tax dollars to lobby for more government spending, and thus
for more taxes, that is the crux of the problem. Public-sector unionism is the ultimate conflict of interest, because the necessary objective of these unions is to capture control of the very legislatures that vote on their compensation packages."
10:06 AM 2/23/2011 And my comments today. The people of Wisconsin who want liberty from union contracts and mandatory fees paid to lobbyists should vote out of office the runaway Democrats for dereliction of duty to vote on resolutions before them.
Gloria Poole;in Missouri


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