Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time Magazine--you blew it w/ 25 most important women

I read an article in Time Magazine listing & discussing the women whom Time Magazine considers to be the 25 most important women in history.
Some of the women I could not argue with their place on the list, but Hillary Clinton? GET a life Time Magazine! Did she pay you to write that?
Here is why she is not amongst the 25 most important women:
1) She rode into Senate office via nepotism--being married to the ex-President and they knew she was corrupt enough to use insider information to abuse power.
2) She got into office to represent a state [NY] that she had never lived in. Where's the honor or truth in politicking in that?
3) She is a terrible administrator/Division head of the Dept of State hiring unscrupulous workers who leaked hundreds of thousands of documents to Julian Assange of wikileaks.
4) She bad-mouthed Obama on campaign trail telling how ineffective and inexperienced he was and then she took a job with him proving she either
lied about her contempt for him on campaign trail or she is a woman easily bought with job titles and lots of money--either way she proved she has no
convictions or beliefs worthwhile.
5) She stood with and tried to excuse Mubarak's Police State.
6) She and her husband plundered and looted the White House when they left and they kept the gifts given to them as President which is not usually done because they
are considered to belong to the nation, not the President.
7) She has supported by voting, influence,pulling strings of power the cause of killing innocents-in-the-womb her entire career.
8) She is a career politician--not a stateswoman. In fact, states' rights is anathema to her--she's a totalitarian government sort.
9) She attempts through abuse of power to censor the press to try to make sure she gets only positive press. How is that different from Mubarak shutting down the internet to prevent negative press? To sum up, she deserves her place in hell, not on Time's list of important women.
10) She lied to NY voters telling them if they reelected her to a second term she would not abandon the job to run for President, but she did abandon it and did run, leaving NY represented by her Aides.
And another way Time blew it was that they did not include any of the women who got the vote for women on the list,nor did they include
Clara Barton who founded Red Cross, nor any of the first women who were Governors or scientists, or medical doctors. The list Time put together was entirely political, and I would guess it is the 'trumpet call' of Hillary announcing her candidacy for President in 2012. Be ashamed of yourself Time magazine.Gloria Poole; 9:23am;12/Feb2011;@my apt in Missouri


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