Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pervert Obama cannot change GOD's laws

I read a couple of articles today that were pushing the idea that because Obama got out of the closet it would force the nation to accept sodomy sin as a right. I tell you plainly that is NOT going to happen.

My mama taught me long ago to not follow fools. Obama s a fool and he has virtually destroyed the democratic party [but hey, I'm grateful for that--I am republican], and he is 'hell-bent for destruction' as my daddy was wont to say when he was alive. Obama's agenda is from the devil and his bigger goal is to destroy belief in GOD in America and supplant with worship of Mohammed, and ultimately to throw over America to the control of Islam. But if that cannot be done to his liking then he plans to destroy the nation itself.

I feel sorry for Mrs Obama since I also a few years ago was forced to admit I had unwittingly married a bisexual [and now divorced from that pervert] and it almost ruined my health and life. It is a catastrophic realization to a heterosexual woman. I have seen some of the news photos of Mrs Obama's face & I realized she has contempt for her husband from those photos and at the time I wondered why. Now I know why--it's the appointment of his on the sly s-e-x partner [male] to a nepotism job in White House as his social secretary. {aside: I always had contempt for Obama because of his pagan philosophy but wondered why she did since she was still married to him--maybe like that H Clinton who'd have stayed married to the devil if it would land her a government job???}

My mama would have said 'if everyone in the world jumped off the Empire State building to commit suicide, you would not go along with them just to be included, would you?" And of course the moral of the story is to know where the 'leader' is leading before you follow. Obama's path will lead you to hell because sodomy is abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 KJV,and Romans chapter 1 includes lesbianism in that abomination category of being 'worthy of death". Obama will go to hell if he does not repent,and I pray that happens sooner rather than later, for the sake of the US and all people around the world. He is evil and he should not be in office leading children astray. Impeach him for interfering into GOD's laws and for trying to rewrite new 'rights' without Constitutional Amendment, and for failing the moral turpitude test of character.
Gloria Poole [Reg Nurse licensed in Missouri] @ my apt in Missouri; 11:03am;26-Feb-2011


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