Friday, February 18, 2011

Blood Shed for Revolutions & 2-faced Obama

I read in several places this evening about the blood shed in Bahrain, Libya, Baghdad, Yemen, and Iran. And about the protests in Iraq, Kuwait, Djibouti that have not yet led to blood shed. And I read how Obama--huge advocate of killing human babies--does not think Middle Eastern adults should have to face blood shed for liberty, when he believes human babies should be decapitated, shredded and slaughtered by the millions for no reason at all. And I have these comments:
1) As sad as it is, it seems that when tyranny has become entrenched, it takes blood shed to make the people wake up to how really awful their lives are without liberty but with a leader who would order troops to fire on peaceful protestors.
2) The rage that simmered across the "middle east' for decades and often directed at US as if the US could somehow save them from Revolution, has come full circle to the point where they realize the rage is about their own leaders who failed them and the US who also failed them, but in reality the US never was the leader of the middle east. The US could not do for them what they must do for themselves and that is have backbones of steel resolution to not back down or quit. And to face and endure the rage of despot leaders.
3) Obama has no credibility there and neither does H Clinton, and precisely because the entire world knows they are two of the most radical promoters of violence amongst the preborn in human wombs. They are hypocrites extraordinaire. since they much believe in killing of innocents. So for them to press the leaders of middle east to not use violence against grown adults [or women and children protesting it seems] makes a mockery of their words. Obama today undid the conscience clause that allowed medical doctors and nurses to 'opt out' of killing. So now the only way for GOOD doctors and nurses to not participate in evil is quit their jobs, and or emigrate to nation(s) where medical professionals are not required to kill. It is Nazi regime time in America--as in the days of Germany when Hitler required medical doctors to decide who got gassed to death. But as in Hitler's era when 100 medical doctors said 'no, we will not do that" and suffered for it, and the international press corps wrote about it, the tide was turned against Hitler and the Allies eventually won the war, so I think similar events will come to America also.
4) Middle Eastern people , do not take your cues from Obama for your own sake's. He'd sell you out in a heartbeat to the highest bidder. He is evil. Look to THE GOD for guidance & protection. There is no one else who can save you, and your cause of liberty is worth the fight. GOD's blessing on your fight for liberty.
Gloria Poole; 10:35pm;18/Feb/2011;@my apt in Missouri


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