Thursday, January 20, 2011

What? US sold to China for ONLY 45 billion? & repeal Obama

The surest sign of a Communist take-over yet, is Chinese President Jintao giving speeches to Congress and meeting secretly [away from Press behind closed doors in violation of US Constitution about making alliances with foreign governments and in secret with socialist-turning-communist? Kerry and Obama. I am not very surprised after I read in the WSJ that the Chinese bank is opening a branch in NYC to dispense yuan --a first in this nation I think. Who could blame China for wanting to inspect their new purchase of America and instruct the turncoats? China has been investing in America with BILLIONS since the early 80"s and probably owns more US mortgages than any other country including the US. Chinese should be the second language since their takeover seems imminent.
However, I do think the 50 states of the US were worth more in land and commercial property than a mere 45 Billion,don't you?
Obama has sold out America. He made no secret of it and it was apparent in every deed he has done including sending both Clintons there; and he's been doing the bidding of Jintao from the get-go as Obama's plan is directly from the Communist Manifesto. Obama also visited China a few weeks ago. I have no respect for communism as a form of government since it suppresses/oppresses it's people, and imprisons political dissidents and crushes human babies to put into cosmetics, and limits births with forced abortions. Pres of China/US Jintao I urge you to repent of those evils and change your form of government to one that does not kill innocents or imprison people for speaking opposition to you.
Congress, there is a verse in the Bible that summed up says that when any nation continues to disobey GOD, HE sends them into captivity. Learn Chinese quick--Chinese President Jintao is your new leader comrades.
Maybe true to GOD's laws people should start emigrating???
Gloria Poole; 9:50am;20/Jan/2011;at my apt in Missouri
Update @ 4:00pm:
CNN has a photo of the Chinese flag flying alongside the US flag at the White House on this page of their report:
Update @ 6:22pm, 20th Jan,2011:;_ylt=A.../
Did Chinese President Hu Jintao hand-pick Obama from Chicago politics?
And did Chinese money put him in office along with his promises to
Planned [un]Parenthood to implement national killing plan? To make America more to the
Chinese' liking since China enforces killing of all offspring except one child per family.
Article makes the point that Chicago has been wooing Chinese takeover of
Chicago for years.And building a Confucius institute and Chinese
language school and teaching chinese in public schools.
6:17 PM 1/20/2011
Update a bit off topic but relevant to topic of communistic forms of government where all decisions are political and all income controlled by government.
Ask yourself why ONLY one person wjo was shot in tucson was saved? Why did the trauma team ONLY work to save the Congresswoman while allowing the others to die? Could you spell p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s? Why was there no effort to save the federal judge who was shot? Why was there no effort to save the nine year old? Because they could no 'side with' Obama in his scheme to implement communism. And therefore were considered by hospitals,doctors and the political team that makes health care decisions as not worthy of the money it would have cost to save them, and instead they poured mega-bucks into saving and rehabilitating the Congresswoman. But isn't each life equal to any other life in GOD's eyes? it is only when politics starts making medical decisions that some are considered "worth saving" and some are considered "not worth saving". Don''t be deceived by what is euphemistically labeled "ObamaCare". Tucson proved my point. ObamaCare is a political system to reward the puppets of Obama and nothing more or less. That plan must be repealed entirely!
Gloria Poole; @home in Missouri;5:56pm;21/Jan/2011


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