Saturday, January 29, 2011

Senate vote no to censorship or killing of First Amendment

In this article in Wired today at is a public notice that the U S Senate is considering a bill to
allow Obama to do what Egypt's President did in Egypt--shut down all forms of communication by citizens on US soil to communicate within US and abroad if the President perceives an cyberattack. Of course the major cyberattack in that case would be from the US government.
Senator Susan Collins you are a democrat not a republican. Change parties immediately as you are not doing justice to the republican form of government.
Is Egypt's president your role model? Be ashamed of yourself for sponsoring a all-power-to-the-President-communist-tactic, and withdraw that liberty-killing-resolution before Obama sledgehammer gets control of it.
8:17 AM 1/29/2011
Gloria Poole; @my apt in Missouri;8:23AM;29/Jan/2011
Update with this:
An article in NY times written by Scott Shane in Washington @
has these notable quotes/warnings to political dissidents as they are called in communist countries:
"A cybersurfing policeman can compile a dossier on a regime
opponent without the trouble of the street
surveillance and telephone tapping required in a pre-Net world."And this one:
"But users [of Facebook & social networking] must be aware that they are speaking to their
oppressors as well as their friends, he said."
9:46 AM 1/29/2011.
Of course you know I am a "political dissident' against the Obama regime and forces that he represents i.e. the killing-of-innocents-in-the-womb. He has via government forces spied on me as I type on my keyboard, forced the take-down of my Christian content websites in 2009, and used his "patriot Act powers" to drive up my telephone bill in added-on taxes and my utility bill and used the arbitrary Dept of Education to withold money rightfully due to me by padding [adding on 3 months more of student loans that apparently occurred by someone in 2010 to my student loan bill when I graduated UGA in 1986! Obama's methods are directly from the communist regimes--which is why he is making pacts with them in every way. Vote him OUT OF OFFICE!
Gloria Poole


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