Thursday, January 13, 2011

By your words ye shall be justified or condemned, written in Bible.

I am writing this entry for several reasons. The Bible has a scripture that says by your words you shall be justified or by your words you shall be condemned. Words do matter but they did not pull the trigger in Tucson--a sinful man did. My reasons for this entry are:
1) of course we the people are influenced by words and deeds. We the HUMAN race are thinking people. Or most of us are. There are some who are so strung out on mind-altering substances as to have drug-induced psychosis, and others are plain evil. Some people are not teachable and it does not matter how many times they are told anything--they do not respect any authority or GOD HIMSELF.
The fact that political debates might have influenced that man who shot and killed six people in Tucson is being debated. OF course he is influenced by the culture--this nation is sinking into the cesspool of all nations that legalize abortion and sodomy [read history from beginning of time and compare it with Biblical records]. But the society/culture/environment did not pull that trigger--one man or two did. [ I think a hidden sniper fired from somewhere else]. Blaming the nation for the sin of one man is an effort by his US taxpayer-provided defense team to make a defense of insanity for him so he would spend his life in a mental hospital with 24/7 nurses instead of a prison. He knows how to play the system. All evil people are wiser in the ways of manipulation,con-tricks and deceit than righteous people are.
2) When the nation goes along and sucks up the pablum of propaganda paid for by killing organizations like the democratic party,the planned parenthood killing machinery,the lawyer killing group named Centre for Reproductive [killing] ..., and the SIECUS 'ring' of educational institutions that force captive audiences to read/study lies about false 'rights' and half-truths about the Constitution or teach them nothing about the Constitution; and that form the consortium of evil in America, then you play along with evil. The Bible also said to call the righteous wicked or the wicked righteous is abomination to GOD.
3) Disarming the citizens is NOT the answer. In fact I am sure that if that guy had known that everyone at that event was armed, and would shoot him down he would not have dared the risk. Arm every citizen and teach them how to shoot to kill if their lives endangered. Fight back against evil! A defenseless citizenry will lead to a communist takeover and decades of a form of imprisonment by fear and oppression.
4) Prosecute the killer and put him to death according to the Bible in Genesis 9:6,KJV. There were more than two witnesses to his murders and it is probably on the Safeway video tape of their security. Don't mince around for years making excuses for evil,sin and miurder. And don't spend millions of taxpayer dollars defending a murderer. Congresswoman Gibbons has a chance to repent of her evil in justifying the sin of murders of innocents--GOD gave her a second chance--the nation will see what happens . But there were six people killed at that Tucson event including a child,a federal judge and three retired people,and a federal employee. There deaths matter to the nation--prosecute the murderer and sentence him to death. He wrote that his deed was premeditated and planned. He has no defense. He is not insane but evil. Prosecute him. Just do it. Make America safer --put retribution with purpose back into the 'justice dept".
Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri;13/Jan/2011


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