Friday, December 03, 2010

Wikileaks-good plan --Switzerland & continue,update

The news this am is that the US government was successful in its denial of service attack against Wikileaks' original domain. But Julian Assange moved wikileaks to Switzerland in a matter of hours--an extraordinary task if you know anything about moving bulked up websites as that one is, and in transferring domains. The attack on his site was no doubt from the Pentagon and Secretary of State's office of the US, and the Pentagon attack via orders of U S President.

I know personally how it feels to be attacked by the US government machinery since 153 of my CHRISTIAN websites were taken down by such an attack last year by the muslim President and the perverts in Congress in collusion with H Clinton. H Clinton is a jezebel and the Bible says those women who kill for power go to hell. [Revelations].
There was an attack against my computers,my domanins and my websites in the election year John Kerry was running and had commandeered the public access tv channel in Denver Coloraro as his HQ there. Then the same happened when in election year when H Clinton and Obama running against each other.

The attack on wikileaks was from the US government abusing its power to control the internet. The lesson is that those organizations that truly report the news in the US including the news that is not pumping up either H or B Clinton or Obama, are going to be subjected to all-out attacks by the government. The so-called test of the US control/domination of the world internet as reported by CNN recently, was the opening shot fired that was heard around the world by hosting companies and governments. Wikileaks by publishing so-called confidential" or 'secure' communications provided by a staffer in the office of H Clinton, pushed back against the U S controlling the world's access to news and information.

I did know not much about wikileaks before this event but did know that they published those communcations of US military killing innocent civilians with a malicious enjoyment, and that made me sick to my stomach almost. Wikileaks' julian Assange is a hero of the First Amendment and if that makes him a political enemy of the Sec of State and Obama, i reason that comes with the territory and is the risk all journalists of any sort take when they publish political and oe religious news or content in any nation. I do not see him as an enemy of the US but a true patriot.

The good news is that the NY Times and the BBC and apparently Switzerland see this issue for what it is, and are seemingly on his side of the right to publish information about the policy of the US government including the woman who thinks she is queen of America [ H Clinton] but isn't, and the muslim President in his disguise of fake christianity who is Obama.

If wikileaks helps defeat the evil duo of Clinton-Obama who plan to murder all the unborn/preborn of every nation, then he is a hero in my opinion.

Gloria Poole;6:17am;3/Dec/2010
update @6:54 pm same day:
"The secret communications show that the U.S. is still confounded
about North Korea's nuclear military ambitions, that Iran is
believed to have received advanced missiles capable of targeting Western Europe and that the State Department asked its diplomats to collect
DNA samples and other personal information about foreign leaders."
This quote from article in for the Associated Press,
today [6:40 PM 12/3/2010] entitled,"Authors.historians debate the leaks of Wikileaks" written by Hillel Italie.
And this quote by Daniel Ellsberg who worked for the Defense Dept during Vietnam war and who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971,that revealed the real motive of the
Vietnam War: "But Ellsberg believes there are parallels to the
documents he leaked nearly 40 years ago. He says that while early
media reports about WikiLeaks focused on gossip and personalities,
memos are now emerging that show greater U.S. involvement in Pakistan than the government acknowledged, a pattern revealed by the Pentagon Papers about Vietnam.
"This means the Obama administration is on a path that is as
dangerous as can be," Ellsberg says, noting Pakistan's nuclear
Read entire article please at:;_ylt=A0wNdNnoi..
And this quote from another article entitled,"Under attack Wikileaks seeks shelter in Cold War bunker' by Michael
The Senate Homeland Security Committee, led by Sen. Joe Lieberman
(I-Conn), successfully pushed
to kick WikiLeaks off its servers on Wednesday."
And my comments to this update are :
1) don't buy anything from Amazon that supports secretive and corrupt governments;
2) impeach Senator Joe Lieberman for abusing his powers of the US Senate office to interfere into a privately owned business [two of them really: Amazon and wikileaks]
and used political pressure to make Amazon take wikileaks of their cloud computing servers. Of course Amazon did not defend their paying customer,just knuckled under to political interference from Connecticut's Senator.

Also blocked my ability to teet after posting a tweet to it this morning on this tipic. So boycott Amazon and twitter for prior restraint of first amendment liberties of free speech,and press.See for what I wrote that probably Sen Joe Lieberman blocked by abusing his senate powers.
Gloria Poole;


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