Friday, December 10, 2010

Well,thank GOD for the Marines & Army/Infantry

The news reported that but for the US Marines and the US Army Infantry the military would have been converted into a domicile for perverts/reprobates/abominable persons.

The Marines and Infantry when asked their opinions about how they felt about allowing homosexuals to takeover had a not just no, but a hell no, answer. And that in turn prompted the US Senate to back off from repealing the don't ask don't tell policy that requires if that sort [homosexuals] serves in Military they must keep their sodomy out of the ranks of the military or be dishonorably discharged. Is any heterosexual man going to be comfortable sharing a 2 x 2 foxhole with a homosexual man eyeing his behind?

The Marines and infantry Units are the on the ground troops that engage in actual warfare not in cyber-warfare or bombs dropped by robotic planes [drones] but engaging one on one with the enemy. I know from first hand experience of having unwittingly married a bisexual man [now divorced from him] that their goals/causes are not the same as most of America's. They are out to plunder,loot,destroy heterosexuals en masse from any country, and they would destroy the military and the nation.

I slept better last night knowing the Marines and Army did not kowtow to evil Obama plan to destroy America by dividing and conquering the Military.

Gloria Poole; 7:17 AM;10/Dec/2010;in Missouri
Also this update is for the public to be aware that there is a criminal hacker hacing into computers, and he or she seems to be using a Bayonne NJ area code of 201. The phone number 2012151712 just tried to intercept an online transaction I was making and when I did reverse lookup on number, the directory said it was from Bayonne NJ.
Also it appears that area code makes lots of ph-is-hing phone calls since there are numerous numbers listed by and google as having been reported from that area code of 201 as harassing or seeing information illicitly. Where are the feds when you need them?
FYI, for the public and hopefully whatever carrier that number belongs too, will see this message and interrupt their service for criminal hacing into secure sites.
@ 10:19 am, 10/Dec/2010/at home in Missouri; and also I think the criminal hacker has a yahoo group name with the ever-changing code name of ringwood with dozens of variations to it as it usually appears simultaneously in my inbox with the trick phone calls.


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