Sunday, December 05, 2010

Some ideas are evil

There are three evil ideas in the news this evening,and this post is intended to point
them to the public's attention.

1) Bad idea :the idea of ripping out beating hearts so someone else could have it is straight out of
Mayan Indian history,when rivals cut out the heart of the vanquished and ate it to get the spirit of the killed person. It is appalling, yet it is being debated as the "new" way to kill off someone to get their body parts. The more 'advanced" civilization becomes the more it goes backward to primitive cultures and practices, 'dressed up" with fancy labels and voodoo medicine.

2) Bad idea: using human embryoes crushed and ground to inject in someone's brain. For why it is bad see bad idea 1.Then realize it is worst than bad idea 1 because tiny human embryoes cannot fight off their assassins in the womb, and are trapped. No other research would be allowed in such a manner. Cows and sheep are slaughtered with more mercy than the tiny embryoes in the womb whose mothers put them on the OR schedule to be slaughtered in cold blood.

3) Bad idea : that homosexuals could marry each other. It is perverse, abomination
[according to Leviticus 18:22], and reprobate according to Romans chapter one. Reprobate means that GOD has forsaken them and they cannot be saved from hell.

Any nation that tolerates homosexuality will be destroyed by GOD according the Bible,
in the Biblical account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha.

These bad ideas have to be defeated!

Gloria Poole,at home in Missouri;9:21Pm;5-Dec-2010


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