Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shutter The White House,close the fed gov't

Since the fed gov't has run amok, and has started trying to rewrite the laws of GOD, and usurp the incomes of citizens [the mandatory forced spending plan of Obama to fund insurance companies and banks], and indebt the nation to China and Middle East forever, I suggest we,the people in order to from a more perfect union, secede from the union of Obama, and shutter the White House and defund the federal government entirely and sunset it,as they are trying to do with Social Security since they stole the fund for it.

I think the same exact wording of the Declaration of Independence would work this go-round if substituted the words "King Obama" for the words "King Of England" in the original Declaration. Obama is also intent on depopulating this nation. He is also intent on secretive unusual sessions of Congress not content to conduct the people's business during normal business hours but during secretive late night sessions when no one shows up. And since he also is using taxation without represenation [the mandatory tax law called Obamacare that would label citizens as criminals for not buying a product]. And since he has used the military to accomplish his social agenda instead of to defend this nation.And since he routinely spies on/hacks into private computers of citizens. That's for starters but I could write on this topic extensively.

I am confidant GOD will bring Obama down in HIS time and way for championing perversion and sodomy which GOD called abomination and sin against GOD and for forcing it on the nation. I am praying tat the nation sees GOD humble Obama as GOD humbled Nebuchadnezzar [ancient King of Babylon who saw GOD's Handwriting on the wall of his palace warning him that his kingdom was divided and given to the Medes and Persians;because he disobeyed GOD;and whom GOD sent to graze grass like an animal.[Jeremiah chapters 21-52 maybe earlier chapters also in Bible] .

Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 10:10am;19/Dec/2010
Update to add this:
there is a scripture that says summed up that the trap the wicked sets for the righteous is the trap GOD will use too trap the wicked. So let all the righteous pray that all those reprobates that Obamas wants to serve in the military are appointed to guard him,his wife and daughters. Because I was married* to a reprobate unwittingly [ I did not know he was bisexual having been told/led to believe he was heterosexual before marriage to him] and I tell you from upclose and personal experience spanning 4 yrs and ten months time with that reprobate, they would as soon cut your throat as not, and as soon rape your daughters as not, and as soon loot the jewelry right off your fingers while twisting your arm as not.And break into your dwelling and loot your place with his reprobate partner as not. So pray that twisted perverted cut-throat evil task force is the guard of the white house and Obamas from now on since he is their leader and not the leader of America.Let him and his family reap what he has sowed and not some innocent family.
*footnote: I AM DIVORCED from that sodomite reprobate since Oct 2007 and thank GOD, for that mercy. And have a permanent restraining order against him. It is alll right to add this to public website because it is in my testimony in writing and spoken words in several courts against him, and is public record. I think it is in the public"s best interest to know who the dangerous felons are,and the Arapahoe County Colorado District Attorney told me that they consider my now second ex-husband to be a 'very dangerous,and violent man" in May 2006, and warned me not to take any chances
and not to give him any opprtunties or lee-way whatsoever. The fact that Obama wants to give his seal of approval to that sort of person described in Romans chapter one as reprobate is appalling to me as a citizen and as a woman.
Gloria Poole;11:24am same day
more on this on other websites of mine including I think and and blogs of mine.
Update @8:43pm on 20/Dec/2010 by Gloria Poole to post this info for the public:
the telephone number of 2026308978 is a scam that spies on computers via aol /aim accounts and or the catholic church. I am not sure what the link is to the catholic church but a fake survey telephone call came through to my number after being bombarded with images of known catholics. It is obvious that aol/aim accounts collect personal information surreptiously [unknown as to the methods] since my telephone number is not listed on email accounts as a general rule. Be warned that those accounts use your information to distribute to the catholic churc and to the democratic party for fake surveys in ph-ish-ing schemes.


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