Thursday, December 23, 2010

Price tag for selling out America? Why is Rovi gaining controll DVD's?

This is a two theme entry. First, I want to remind the nation that disarming one's own nation by it's President is not a heroic act nor a good thing but an act of traitorism,anarchy,overthrow. As long as Iran is making nuclear weapons and Pakistan has them and North Korea has them , for Obama to disarm the US of them is to render the US incapable of responding to nuclear attack. He is such a fool, grinning like a jacka-- from wherever the billions he usurped from Congress has taken him this week. I truly despise that evil man who has orchestrated the slaughter of millions of innocents in the womb with his legal machinery to force embryonic stem cell research on a reluctant and hostile nation --a nation that knows it depends upon the premeditated destruction of innocent humans. And remember that Napolean of France also sent his armed troops on horseback to disarm the people of Flanders before he sent them to try to confiscate their land. Don't be deceived by his smooth-talking 'forked tongue' of the devil. He is evil.Any person who promotes killing of innocents is from the devil according to the scriptures in John 8:40-47 in the King James Holy Bible. And anyone that champions sodomy which GOD calls abomination in Leviticus 18:22 , is also from the devil.
The title of this post is asking what price tag did Russia extract from the US for that photo-op of Medvedev signing a 'treaty' to disarm that they have no intention of honoring? And that Obama sold out America for in order to 'win' back the fools in his party's loyalty?
Also.did you notice how ungodly Obama timed his evil defiance of GOD's word with the Christmas time of year, to twist the noses of Christians with his evil attack on GOD's words in Leviticus 18:22, and Romans chapter one which oppose sodomy; and his filing of papers in mid-December to try to force MD's,RN's and RPh's to participate in killing [abortions] in defiance of Exodus 20:13, and Matthew 18:13, and John14:6, also at Christmas? Sort of like if a Christian nation attacked Saudi Arabia or Indonesia Obama's nation, during Ramadan.
And to change topic, who is the corporation with the name Rovi Corp that is strikingly similar when pronounced according to their written logo as the "Roe v.. " of "Roe v Wade". I do not believe that is a coincidence. Their logo has a character to accent the i as if to make sure it is pronounced with long i sound. The news today says they are buying up Sonic Solutions a DVD creating software I think for Apple computers. I went to their website and gleaned this info about them. They are buying up communications companies and software,and internet channels,and cable and computer contracts across the spectrum They are listed on the NY Stock Exchange. They list their Board of Directors and Management and none of the names were immediately apparent to me as being on the same Boards as Planned Parenthood or Center for Reproductive Killing but I suspect they are. That name could not be a coincidence. It is a not too subtle clue to their mission. I know from writing on the prolife cause for 20 years that there is some method that proabort spies infiltrate private computers and know what I type as I type it. Are those spies the Rovi /Roe v company? Are they getting a stranglehold on dvd production and playback? I know that dvd playback was disabled by remote on both my hp computer in 2008 and on my gateway computer earlier this year and there is no one else authorized to login to my accounts or my computers or my internet hosting accounts but me. I have documented for years when my computer is disabled as I type by illegal censorship known as prior restraint that is usually trying to prevent me from criticizing evil Obama or sodomites or abortionists.
Anyone know these answers?
Gloria Poole;at home in Missouri; 8:03am;23/Dec/2010
Merry Christmas I am Christian; and I pray Obama goes to hell and soon before he destroys America.


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