Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Senate: no sodomy in the ranks of military;

The news that the US House voted to repeal the ban on homosexuals serving in the military is bad news. Is it not bad enough news that the US has been "fighting" a pretend war* in Afghanistan for NINE years,and some of those years with a man in charge as "Commander in Chief" who never served a minute in the military, and another man in charge of Military decisions [Gates] who also never served a minute in the military?
Isn't it bad enough that the US State Dept has a sieve for their so-called security of their so-called diplomatic files? Isn't it bad enough that the more American citizens have been slaughtered in abortuaries than in all wars combined? Isn't it bad enough that the US is in a depression on scale of 1929? Must that stupid Obama also destroy the Military totally by making it a laughing stock around the world, or the come hither boy for the Afghan men?
Does any one in Congress have even one brain cell left? Or did that party booze get to their last brain cell?
Just say NO to legalizing sodomy in the troops because GOD calls homosexuality an abomination in Leviticus 18:22 of King James Holy Bible and in Romans chapter one last verse of that chapter says that the outcome of it is death!
Gloria Poole;at home i Missouri; 6:04pm;15/Dec/2010
Update on Saturday 18th Dec 2010: according to news the US Senate is supposed to vote on te repeal of the don't ask,don't tell public policy that prevented homosexuals from openly serving in the military. Obama is trying to divide and conquer the US for the Arabic nations by splitting the military into heterosexual and homosexuals fighting each other,
Divide and conquer is the devils's oldest trick and JESUS warned about it in Matthew 12:25-27 when HE said, 'every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand," verse 25 but read verses 26 and 27 in King James Holy Bible about how satan does not divide his own house only tries to divide those who serve GOD by putting in their midst those who don't serve GOD. That is my summary of those verses not the actual words,read for yourself the words of JESUS.
Also I am adding the previous entry to this entry to keep it on top because I do not believe that Richard Holbrooke died of an aortic tear,nor do I believe that H Clinton and Obama were not involved in it since he was the diplomatic person for Afghanistan and Afghanistan is the thorn in Obama's side.
From previous entry:
I do not for a minute believe that Richard Holbrooke suffered an aortic aneurysm and walked himself to the on-site clinic of the State Dept. If he had truly suffered a blow-out of his aorta, he would have collapsed on the spot, and have been carried to the emergency room straight-away. Did his boss Hillary poison him while he was in her office? And was the whole "aortic tear" a cover-up for that?
I thought she poisoned him from the get-go because of that mysterious death in the Arkansas Democratic Party office when she lost the democratic party ticket nomination for President,and because Bill's administration had two sudden death events also [the Brown guy in airplane and the jogger]. She is a jezebel defined by Revelations in Bible as a woman who kills for power.
And the news that she visited him often while in hospital made me think she was doing that to try to keep him on life support past the 48 hour window of mandatory investigations of unexpected/sudden death of coroner's offices,that most states require.
H Clinton is a snake--don't be deceived by her. She is like the viper or cobra.
The coroner should conduct an investigation and there should be an enquiry into what was served him that day in H Clinton's office or anywhere in State Dept and by whom, and there should be confiscations of his initial presentation at medical clinic and emergency room records to see if shock present [massive shock would be present at aortic aneurysm and loss of consciousness almost immediately since aorta is huge and vital] and what presenting symptoms were. Don't let Hillary get away with murder again.
Gloria Poole,RN; 5:42am;14/Dec/2010;in Missouri
Update to this after reading blog about Afghanistan in CNN with this info:
"President Barack Obama is set to huddle behind closed doors
with his national security team Tuesday to review the administration's
policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan - one
day after the unexpected death of his diplomatic point man for the region.
Veteran U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke, America's special envoy to the so-called "AfPak" region, died Monday..."
Obama's monthly review of policy toward the pivotal region,
however, is scheduled to continue, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
Defense Secretary Robert Gates and National
Security Adviser Tom Donilon among those in attendance."
Quoted from article /blog in CNN
@ on 14th Dec 2010
* footnote: it is a pretend war since the only purpose of is the financial build up of Afghanistan through the money that flows there through US ,UK,EU troops stationed there, and military weapons stolen from there to enrich their troops,and training given to their forces at US taxpayers' expense via miltary forces. It is a tranfer of wealth from the US to Afghanistan,not a war.
Update @ 7:45 am same day with these quotes and comments about Richard Holbrook:
"While admired for his first-class intellect, Mr Holbrooke's
robust and combative style made him enemies in the US government."
And this quote which I believe holds the secret to why H Clinton
poisoned him that day he was in the Sec of States's office:
"He also advised Senator John Kerry during his presidential campaign in
2004, as well as Hillary Clinton in her bid for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 campaign."
These quotes from Richard Holbrooke's obituary in the BBC news on Dec 14,2010 at:
Remember the man in the Arkansas Democratic office who was gunned
down in the office when H Clinton lost the election nomination? Also, why was there no official flag at half-mast or US official funeral for a US Ambassador? Something was wrong .Also, I logged back in because I forgot to add this. I know some of you believe that the ObamaCare plan is good. I believe it is evil. One of the reasons I believe it is evil is that it puts virtually every detail of your medical record/events into the hands of the sorts of H Clinton/ B Obama who use/abuse their power to manipulate your records and care. I KNOW for certain that politicians in Washington directly intervene in individual medical cases even when patients are in ICU's because I worked in the Trauma Unit of a tertiary hospital; AND I also reviewed medical records for Medical peer Review. In reviewing medical records, I was once told by medical director to alter a medical report to change the findings to make the diagnosis different and when I refused, I was fired. I know that H Clinton as Sec of State has the power to interfere in the medical records/treatment of anyone,and I know from news reports that Richard Holbrooke was first seen for medical attention in her building. There should have been a coroner's investigation into his death since an aortic tear could have been induced by putting down certain scopes in haste or faulty methods to cover evidence of poisoning or create distraction to not do chemical analysis of his blood [toxicology screen that would be routine for sudden collapse]. I learned ER protocols long ago as Registered Nurse working in inner city big hospital.


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