Tuesday, August 03, 2010

NO to Kagan --she's bad for nation! Appeal Atheist Walker's evil

There are many reasons to oppose Kagan for Supreme Court of the US and I am listing them here:
1) she opposes the U S Military and thinks they should not be allowed to recruit on university campuses especially 'elite' campuses like Harvard.
2) She opposes the second amendment rights of citizens to keep and bear arms for the purpose of preventing unauthorized invasions by government agents. The NRA also opposes her and you may read their reasons at this website:
3) She is against human life in the womb and attempted to justify a form of infanticide when the baby-killing-Clinton-establishment controlled Congress.
4) She is the puppet of Planned Parenthood and Center for Reproductive [killing] rights, and her goal is to depopulate the nation, make men unnecessary in the nation,
and implement the socialistic goals of Obama.
5) She is a friend, cohort of Obama--enough said.
Vote NO to Kagan. Find someone better. That ought to be easy to do if the Southern legislators stick together and add in the Bible believers too of the Protestant faiths.
Gloria Poole; 7:55 Am, 3-Aug-2010; at my home in Missouri
Update on 5-Aug-2010 after reading some of the morning's news.
I am always cautious to avoid glorifying sin and wickedness, so I state clearly that is not my purpose. I had to pray on the situation as I also read last evening about the attempt by a San Francisco [one of the worst cities in the nations for being refuges for homosexuals, sodomites, and lesbians, that atheist Judge Vaugh Walker tried to rule against the people of California yesterday. The people of California voted no to any legitimacy of homosexual relationships and ungodly Judge Walker tried to override the will and the votes of the citizens of California. Citizens because only citizens are supposed to be allowed to vote.
The AP article this morning said that Judge Walker's reasoning was that only 'moral and religious" beliefs made any difference in heterosexual relationships and homosexual relationships and for that reason he decided to discriminate from his bench against those who have moral and religious beliefs by attempting to negate their votes. Throw him out of office one way or the other, because this nation cannot afford any atheist making the rules. No doubt he is heathen, infidel, atheist,pagan--I am trying to think of all the words used in any century to define those who reject GOD. Will those who believe there is a GOD put up with heathens making the rules for this nation? I say they won't and that there will be a revolution of one sort or another. And if this were France in the French Revolution I would say Judge Walker deserves the guillotine for attempting to negate religious and moral beliefs of the entire state and nation.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:14 AM, 5-Aug-2010


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