Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Embryonic Research is Cannabalism --yuch-disgusting

I read an article this evening of how the evil Obama administration plans to appeal the decision by Judge Lamberth that put an injunction on stem cell research from embryoes. Well, is any one surprised by the Obama evil men and women, trying to find a way to spend more than $131 MILLION on deliberate premeditated slaughter of innocents who would have been very comfortable with Hitler's plan to use Jew's skin for lampshades and their gold teeth for his vacations, etc also.
Obama is an evil man. There are some people fooled some of the time by him but I think it is only those who have NO relationship with THE ALMIGHTY GOD who are fooled.Any drugs from humans is cannabalism. Why anybody in their right mind would hanker for such evil is beyond comprehension to me and the thought of it gags me.
Let us all who believe in a GOD and ONLY ONE GOD over all the creation, [JESUS said so also in John 10:30,KJV] pray that all the evil that Obama does with his planned massacre of innocents [abortion at taxpayer expense funded by TARP and Obama administration ,and the 131 MILLION already allocated via NIH for destroying and cannabalizing human embryoes], that the evil goes back to his family and children, his family in Kenya, like a boomerang, just as happened to Hitler. Hitler killed millions wanting their wealth and power, and then he killed himself to escape the punishment he knew he deserved.
Since he seems intent on destroying as many innocents as he thinks he could buy for millions of dollars of blood money, let us who believe in THE GOD pray that GOD punishes the wicked in this nation, and not the righteous [as did Abraham pray once.]
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 8:38PM, 24-Aug-2010
And reposting previous entry to keep it on front page:
I read in the LA Times this am via google news that since the Governor of Calif and the Attorney General of California are chicken to defend the children of California by filing an appeal to that horrible Judge Walker's immoral and discriminatory against Christians, decision, it is up to the born again Christians to do that. It is in the best interests of the children of the state of California to have two parents --a male and a female because that is how they learn about dealing with the opposite sex for their rest of their lives. And because it provides the balance of opposite sexes' emotional make-up, and sexualities, and strong points. Two homosexuals cannot reproduce themselves. It is a fact of life. And when the state of California allows through the law a situation intended to depopulate the state it will only bring about ruin on the state.
The legal point the perverts are making now is that since the Governor and the Attorney General are chickens, then someone would have to have standing to sue in federal court. Well, that is the same standard for all courts supposedly. There is no physical damage to a perverted homosexual man if he is NOT allowed to put his male memeber in the backside of another man. Nor is there physical damage to a female homosexual if she is not allowed to pretend to be male to put a fake apparatus into another female's private parts. So did the original parties to that case that Walker decided last week, have standing to sue ? I think not, since the law says that ideological damage does not count in a lawsuit --per that article today in the LA Times.But if they are allowing idealogical damage for the pervert's claims then the Christian heterosexuals should claim competing ideological damage to their religious beliefs that since GOD condemns homosexuality and calls it abomination in Leviticus 18:22,and in Romans chapter one, {KJV], then Judge Walker discriminates against Christians and those who believe in GOD by attempting to force perversions on the state's children in schools . When something become legal regardless of whether it is totally immoral, it is taught in public schools as a 'right' and then it is forced upon private schools via the strong arm tactics of federal funding to schools.
Christians in California : it is up to you to file an appeal in the time frame citing immediate and irreversible harm to your children if forced to learn sodomy and perversion in public schools.
The ideas are mutually exclusive. Perversions that are named as sins in the Bible should not be taught as rights.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:23, 13-Aug-2010
Updated Sat 14-Aug-2010 after reading article in the Christian Science Monitor via
google news today about 'what if Congress wrote laws as clear as scripture"
by Helen Herndon. It's an article everyone should read and it is located at:
But in reality, I am reasonably sure that there is an actual law that each bill /resolution addresses only one issue. I learned that when I took political science and business law and the Univ of GA but I don't remember where it's located. But http://thomas.gov might tell you.
Deliberate obfuscation [clouding/confusing/distorting the issues is the work of propaganda merchants who have a socialist agenda that they are trying to implement in the US but they don't want the citizens to know that. So they use treacherous and deceitful words much as Hitler did when he was taking over Europe.
Update again at 11: 58AM 14-Aug-2010 after thinking some on the news today.
Remember that so-called 'emergency" contraception is very POWERFUL hormones that will change the physical makeup of your uterus to make it hostile to the fertilized egg. And I believe as a Reg Nurse and a woman who has studied anatomy and physiology much since I graduated and became registered nurse years ago, that those hormones are the root cause of all the cancers in the uterus and the breasts of women. They are not intended to be used to destroy human life but to create it.And when they are increased exponentially to be deadly to the innocent new human being in the womb, they are also deadly to the mother. The US is a place where men are eliminated from sports events for using steroids [hormones produced by the adrenal glands to cause up build up of muscle] but hormones are pumped into women by the bucket -load with those hormones from horse pee [supposed to prevent aging of women] and hormones from the ovaries of destroyed human tiny girls [abortions] which is cannabailism.
Do NOT use emergency contraception! It is intended to be deadly to the human being in the womb and it is also deadly to the woman who use them.
Gloria Poole, RN, at my aprt in Missouri; [licensed registered in Colorado still but moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009.]
Update am of 25th -Aug-2010 at 7:09 AM:
I scanned headlines of NY Times and saw op-ed piece that is prmoting killing of human embryoes. I did not read it because it is evil. Remember this about the NY Times: they make their money from killing and from those groups that kill that advertise in their 'news' .They would most likely have promoted the Hitler version of killing also. Ignore them and do not buy their newspapers or online services. Boycott those companies that promote killing of innocents as a 'right' or as a "duty' or as 'research". Make your 'voices' heard by withdrawing your financial support from those companies.
Gloria Poole, RN licensed in Colorado but living in Missouri.
Update again with this quote in an AP article on the topic of so-called research
on tiniest most vulnerable humans:
"However, the ruling [by Judge Lamberth that embryonic stem cell research violates the public law ] drew praise from the Alliance Defense Fund, a group of Christian attorneys who helped with the lawsuit filed by two researchers against the administration rules.

"The American people should not be forced to pay for experiments — prohibited by federal law — that destroy human life," said Steven H. Aden, the group's senior legal counsel. "The court is simply enforcing an existing law passed by Congress that prevents Americans from paying another penny for needless research on human embryos."

Also, I ask you to research the Nuremberg Code of International law regarding research on humans, that was accepted by all nations [as far as I know] after the trials that brought the killers of the Nazi regime to justice. And ask yourself these questions in regard to those laws:
1) how could a tiny, defenseless human in the womb or removed from it by force [abortions where they get all the human pieces to 'extract' DNA from], give informed consent to be slaughtered?
2) How could a tiny defenseless human in the womb or removed from it by force, do what is necessary to halt destructive 'research' on the self?
3) How could a tiny, defenseless human in the womb or removed from it by force [abortions where they get all the human pieces to 'extract' DNA from], raise their hands against the assassins of abortionists and so-called [but phony] scientists who kill for the millions they get in federal research money?
4) How could a tiny defenseless human in them womb or removed from it by force,[via abortions where they get all the human pieces to 'extract' DNA from] lobby
in Congress to stop the premeditated slaughter by the millions of the class of humans known collectively as embryoes and fetuses?
And then remind yourself it is UP TO YOU to stand in the gap, to make your protest loud and clear, to fight against those who are determined to destroy the human race from off the planet and those who think that animals should inherit the earth and humans be destroyed! IT IS UP TO YOU to make a difference.
Gloria; 7:45AM, 25-Aug-2010; at my aprt in Missouri


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