Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ultrasound to prevent abortion is a very good medical idea

Florida bill sponsored by State Sen Andy Gardiner passed the Legislature and
waiting on Gov Crist to sign, to require ultrasound with the description of the embryo or fetus, to any woman contemplating an abortion:
11:09 AM 6/8/2010; article written by John Frank of the Herald Times Tallahassee Bureau

OF course you know I am 100% prolife. And If I were President it would be my goal to end abortion as a 'right' and to end the chopping slicing and dicing of humans for research called 'embryonic stem cell research' and to end the push by the feds to force the 'choice' of medical killing on the nation.

Also I am opposed to the federal government attempting to regulate the News/Press and thus trying to circumvent the First Amendment. Read the article below via link to the Washington Times.

Oppose the government's plan to tax journalistic methods, platforms and tools and their effort to regulate /control journalism:
[Editorial in the Washington Times today:11:17 AM 6/8/2010]

Back on topic of preventing abortion, Senate vote no to that horrible Kagan, who was the instrument of death for those babies in the so-called partial birth abortion horror that I call infanticide.
Public: educate yourself. If you graduated with any degree other than as medical doctor or Registered Nurse, you probably did not get any education in sciences including any anatomy and physiology or any human development in the womb, education. You could educate yourself by visiting some of my websites including these:
http://gloriapoole.blogspot.com/ for yesterday's entry about how to deliver a baby ;
https://www.sites.google.com/site/wordslife [about medical doctors suing to prevent being forced to participate in killing]
https://www.sites.google.com/site/wordslife2 [about ending abortion ]
http://onlineeducator.biz [ see two entries; my sketches of stages of human development and also the article I wrote on how an embryo becomes a fetus, and remember that the words embryo and fetus are medical terminology to define the ages in the womb. Also remember that all humans were embyroes and fetuses when in the womb.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 11: 27 AM, 8-June-2010
Update at 12:10 PM after reading Bilderberg article:
More on the subject of freedom of press, a quote from the Guardian UK
: What a difference a year makes."Last year in Vouliagmeni when I
tried covering the 2009 Bilderberg meeting, I had Greek policemen
yelling "No fotografia!" at me at every turn. I was arrested, tailed,
harassed, rearrested, yelled at, bundled into squad cars, lied to,
intimidated, wrestled with and hounded round Athens like I was
John Dillinger." Article at:
Well, I could say those things all happened to me also except I was only threatened with arrest for trying to photograph who voted how in the US Senate and US House of the federal government some years ago.Also, threatened with arrest when I lived in Denver Colorado and asked why the publicly funded with taxpayer money TV station was the HQ of Kerry when he was running for President. But the rest of that statement would apply to my life: harassed, starved, persecuted, denied due process at cases @ law were I was the injured person with proof, and not the assailant, because the baby-killing establishment of Denver metro wanted to tamp down my ability to protest abortion. And had my dwelling plundered and looted more than once, and my computer fried by the Pentagon more than once, and 'hounded' , belittled, intimidated, threatened, -- yet America calls itself the champion of a free [as in unregulated] Press.
Gloria @ 12:16 PM, same day ; at my home in Missouri.
Logged back in because I realized I should tell the whole picture here. I was also questioned by the Capitol Police in Washington DC and then again by the Secret Service for asking the then Mayor of Washington DC what his policy was concerning abortion. I had to produce FIVE forms of ID with my photo on them and thankfully I could do that, but it is not illegal to ask questions in the US and especially at a news conference,but I asked a question he did not want to answer and did not want the public to know how he stood and how radical he was. I was defrauded last year when a hosting company took down 153 of my Christian content websites that opposed Obama and H Clinton for their plans to depopulate America, and for their plans to try to force sodomy on every citizen of the world. Abortion and homosexuality are both heinous abomainable sins according to scripture. I was denied an emergency hearing in Denver Colorado city to get the Court to force help for my survivial from the man who was my then-husband and who had injured me and left me to die, that would have been granted to me if I had been black or shacking up, but since I was white, Christian, moral it was denied to me with the explanation that it was only for women with children. Well, duh! I am a woman always! And have 'children' but they are grown and married. But I am a prolife educated woman and that seems to make a huge difference in the legal system. Prolifers are routinely denied the civil liberties that the wicked enjoy in the US. And they are discriminated against, persecuted, impoverished, stolen from with the Court's wink-wink approval, and etc,etc,etc. I could write a book on this topic. And maybe that was the point in GOD allowing those events to happen to me.To show to me that the legal system is biased against prolifers and discriminates against them. If you doubt that ask yourself why it takes a journalist being willing to put everything on the line to write a prolife point of view? Ask yourself why the mock trial of the man who killed the mass murderer Tiller was not allowed to say why he did it [but he did say it at his sentencing after the jury had been controlled and manipulated by planned parenthood bought judge.


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