Monday, June 28, 2010

Say No to Kagan & to Judge C & to legalizing cocaine

This entry has several purposes. I read a propaganda op-ed piece today about how 'global experts' are wanting to legalize hard illegal drugs and do away with mandatory treatment centers. So I want to address that first because my life was nearly ruined by a cocaine addict that the State of Colorado would not incarcerate, because he paid in big fines and continuous fines for close to 2 decades apparently to the 'system'. If the state of Colorado had imprisoned that cocaine-addict second then-husband but now divorced from him, the first time he tried to kill me by trying to shove me out the window, [in 2004] he would not have been at liberty to break my leg and ankle in July 2006. I am absolutely opposed to so-called experts making light of the many many dangers of cocaine and heroin and any other 'hard' drug that causes psychosis induced by drugs, hallucinations and abberant anti-social,and often harmful/dangerous/deadly behaviours. Did those so-called 'global experts" come from Mexico or Afghanistan by any chance where the entire nation survives on selling illegal drugs to America?
Cocaine is a deadly harmful substance and so is heroin.They should be illegal and those who use them should be in prison for the sake of the public safety, to prevent cocaine-whackos psychopathic people from roaming around looking for drugs and trouble.
And about Kagan, Congress should vote no to her and to that Judge C that tried to make excuses for a serial killer/rapist of young girls, also. The Senate that has served itself primarily for 4 decades has to begin to do the right thing for the continuity of this nation. Doing the right thing for the nation would involve NOT justifying murderers, or the judges they could buy, and NOT approving for the highest court in the nation, any person who believes that infanticide/ 'partial birth killing/abortion' of future citizens is a so-called 'right'. The nation of the US cannot long endure with people in high places who believe that there is a right to kill innocent citizens whether in the womb or on the outside of it.
The Supreme court has to take into account that those who defy GOD will cause the nation to be destroyed, and they have to vote against those who deny the sovereignty of GOD ALMIGHTY. It is written, 'blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD". And the converse of that would also be true; cursed is the nation whose GOD is not THE LORD.
Gloria Poole, at my home in Missouri; 9:48 AM, 28th-June-2010


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