Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Public Service Announcement warning about scams

This is a public service notice. There is a phi-shing scheme that has the phone number of 253-561-7989 and is named Health Benefits but there is no listing for it, and they always call on Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes they have an Asian accent and sometimes a Mexican; and they call to try to get information from the person who answers the phone. I have tried to block that call on my phone several times but receive a message that it is a multi-caller group that cannot be blocked. I am asking law enforcement to investigate them as I have reason to believe that they are criminals.
Also, another public service notice warning. Last week I discovered quite by accident that the hosting company godaddy.com had somehow setup a trick on my paypal acct to withdraw $500 per month from my account secretly and regularly. It was on a back tab under more options that I found that trick. I have suspected all along that Paypal is involved in those pyramid schemes and that is how they get their funding and how big time criminals like Madoff and that Canadian man arrested recently made their fortunes. Paypal is not like a bank account though they try every trick in the book to get you to link your bank acct to your Paypal acct but don't do it. If you do they will withdraw money that you did not consent to be withdrawn. And if you have one of those prepaid cards from a company called netspend they will withdraw it and send it to Mexico. Also they and or Paypal will add a fake recipient and when you are sending money legitimately they are sending it illegally to the fake phishing email. Look at the drop down list of reciepients before doing anything. Look at every tab on Paypal. Look at your agreements. Even if you don't have any agreements to regularly routinely send money because there may be a secretive one there that is drawing money out of your accounts counting on you not checking your statements too closely.
Be very very cautious when you use a Paypal or eBay acct. They are intertwined and they are not too particular about security. They let anyone have access to your acct it seems to me, since I NEVER authorized anyone at any time to withdraw $500 from any acct of mine on a standing order and without my consent. NEVER. And I also know that when I asked Paypal to close an acct in 2007 that began as only mine in about 2004, they told me that they did but they didn't. They allowed someone else to use it.
This information is from my own personal experiences and I am telling you to help you avoid scams and phishing schemes.
Do not trust godaddy.com with your card info. Do not give them permission to withdraw money from any acct of yours. Do not trust paypal too much either since they do not acknowledge the owner of the acct as being any more special to them than the criminal trying to steal it.
Gloria Poole; 8:10 PM, 1_June-20-10; at my home in Missouri.


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