Thursday, June 10, 2010

NYT: Shame on you for promoting annihilation of humans.

I read the article written by Peter Singer who is a well-known annihilist of the human race. That article was in the NY Times and though it does not surprise me that the prodeath NY Times published it, it does surprise me that people read it. That man is akin to Hitler who wanted to kill off all the 'impure' people too.

The fact that Harvard has him on their faculty makes it plain that the goals of Harvard are to annihilate the human race. Harvard also is one of the main pumps of the propaganda of killing of innocents as 'necessary' for education /success, or as 'duty' to the nation so as not to put another mouth on the welfare rolls for their goals of socialism. Harvard University is so far from its Christian roots that it is appalling. They are more like voodoo than Christianity. They have voodoo economics, and voodoo 'education' into killing to appease the false gods of feminism, and money,and status of slim rich people, and ngos that export kiiling, and kickbacks and dividends from the killing fields of abortion, and those so-called grants from the so-called health care foundations of the Robert Wood Johnson fake health care foundation,and the B Clinton fake foundation, and the fake health care policy ngo, and multidinous other fake foundations that promote killing as a right so many it seems like a blah, blah, blah endlessly for killing causes it seems. If this were Afghanistan the mainstream news would write about how the 'corrupt' governments were teaching jihad but the annihilistic plans of Harvard and company are pumped up by evil people like NY Times writers, and that fool Obama, and that more of a fool Prof Gates of Harvard,and most of their faculty.

The NY Times would probably have run an article written by Hitler promoting the cause of killing of the Jews as necessary since they were 'impure' and 'non-Aryan" and therefore the killing of them would have been justified by the NY Times.
The NY Times is a propaqanda rag nothing more. They are supported big time by the killing machinery of planned parenthood, Centre for Reproductive [killing] rights, hospice killing centers, homicide by doctors euphemistically labeled 'assisted suicide" , death by drugs Pharmaceutical plans of that ungodly T.Kennedy, etc.

They make me sick to my stomach!
Gloria Poole; 8:19 AM, 10th-June-2010 ; at my home in Missouri


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