Thursday, June 03, 2010

No to Kagan but yes to Eleven States Creating Laws to restrict abortion--YEA!

The tide has turned in America. More Americans are prolife than prodeath. And the NY Times reported the news on the prolife movement. And eleven states have created laws to limit, restrict abortions. That is good news. It is not enough. It will not be enough until all 50 states outlaw abortions.

To do that, here is what we as a nation must do America:
1) never vote for any candidate at any level of government who declares a 'right' to kill innocents in the womb.
2) P.U.S.H. = pray until something happens to change the makeup of the US Supreme Court from prodeath to prolife.
3) give money, time and energy to the cause of saving the human race from deliberate premeditated destruction by those horrible abortionists.
4) Protest Norplant implants and spread the word that they destroy ovaries.
5) Do not take contraceptive pills and spread the word how they distort the chemistry of a woman's body, and pollute the environment when they are dumped into the water supply when 'outdated' on packages.
6) Pray for impeachment of Obama who is the worst President in US history as far as the innocents in the womb are concerned. He gave millions to the premeditated slaughter of innocents in the womb around the world. He nominated only prodeath people to the Supreme Court. He forced through a health care 'policy' that subsidizes abortion. He is in the pocket of planned parenthood. The causes to impeach him are:
a) a traitorous act of making a pact with foreign governments in Kenya, illegal by US Constitution regarding foreign governments and defined as treason by the Constittuion.
b) bribing/rigging elections attempts in Pennsylvania and Colorado.
Outlawed by RICO Act.
c) He is selling his time while employed by the taxpayers, making agreements outside and beyond his duties as President, selling out America in nations abroad.
d) He is methodically implementing a plan by himself to depopulate America and thus ruin it.
The article about the eleven states restricting abortion that is in the NY Times today is located at, but remember that abortion is not health care, but killing. The wicked always try to label something evil with an acceptable word, and that was true of Hitler when he called his killing of Jews 'the best treatment available for them", and it is true of the evil abortionists and their political arms also:
Gloria Poole; 6:57 AM, 3-June-2010 ; at my home in Missouri
Update 4-June-2010 @ 3:52pm after reading news:
The Associated Press says Kagan helped prevent the ban on infanticide when Clinton was President. Senate just vote NO to Kagan. Read article at:


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