Friday, June 11, 2010

Another fake poll pumping up wicked people;Another fool

I read in the news about the fake poll that said 60% of Americans support Kagan, and I know that to be a HUGE LIE. That is a push-poll-- a trick used by propaganda experts to try to persuade the public that she is liked. Prolifers hate Kagan, since she is a radical killer of human babies and would have everyone kill human babies. She is like Nero of Rome. Just do not believe every paid for political ad labeled a poll. Most are paid for by campaign staffs of some demoncrat somewhere.

Polls are essentially worthless for getting facts. The questions are usually contrived and they pinpoint who they ask them of. They do not contact prolifers when a democrat is involved so the so-called poll is skewed/flawed to begin with. It is not a random questionaire put to most of America but usually only 500 or 1000 hand-picked from voter registrations for democrats that they know without a doubt are prodeathers. I know this to be true from having volunteered years ago on political campaigns and also from UGA courses in statistics, which shows how statistics are manipulated figures only, not math as most people know it.

Polls are tricks of crooked politicians. Do not ever ever ever trust them or rely on them for advice. They are as useless for guidance as sticking in your finger in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing that day and basing your political decisions upon the north-south-east-west whichever wind blowing that minute. Polls are as fickle as the wind.
Kagan is HORRIBLE. She believes in infanticide. She thinks all women should kill those 'unwanted' . She would have been an acceptable accomplice for Hitler's killing plan of the Jews only she'd start with the tiniest in the womb to do her evil.
Vote NO to Kagan.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:07 AM, 11-June-2010
Update on 13th-June-2010 at 9:29 after reading some of news:
I read in the Google News today about another fool in office. Rep Mike Quigley fool extraordinaire is trying to lift the ban on perverts giving blood. That is one of the absolute WORST most evil ideas of all time. Human blood cannot be sterilized--sterilizing it would destroy the cells in it, that is the reason poeple need transfusions to begin with. So for perverts exposed to HIV and many of them with active AIDS to be allowed to give blood and spread the disease shows how really ignorant Mike Quigley is, and how evil his intentions for America are. Vote that fool out of office. He is too ignorant of medical knowledge to be making any rules for any body'e health care.


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