Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dems spent Millions traveling world, sightseeing

The demoncrats have traveled the world at taxpayer's expense. Obama's two luxury vacations in 9 months time cost taxpayers about $20 MILLION dollars. H Clintons and that no-good B Clinton costs the taxpayer's hundreds of millions in their see-the-world travels. Dems throw luxury parties for instance in Denver and they did on the backs of the poorest of Colorado. Dems are evil. If Obama wore a scarf like the 'terrorists' do and if he had not graduated biggest killing U in the nation, he'd be labeled a terrorist by all standards since his goal is to kill many Americans when they are most vulnerable. If he had not bought the democratic party by manipulating banks with his grandmother's knowledge of insider trading of banks, he'd have no power. He has no power in the eyes of GOD already because his heart is evil toward GOD's innocents in the womb. GOD is not mocked. It is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Galatians 6: 7.
When Obama-Hitler gets his punishment for the evil of implementing abortion as a false right, he is going to bust hell wide open as my daddy would have said when he lived. My only question is what nation is GOD raising up to take down Obama and his evil voodoo krewe of killers of innocents? And when and how? I believe Obama will answer to GOD and so will Pelosi,and all those who voted to kill innocents in the womb as an evil [and false] right since no such right was ever voted on to amend the Constitution and the dems cannot amend it by themselves. Pray GOD defeats Obama and his evil scheme.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 2:31 PM, 30 March-2010.


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