Monday, January 04, 2010

If you're looking to die, Colorado glad to oblige you

I read a series of letters in the NY Times today on the topic of 'terminal sedation' which essentially is drugging a patient to death. I am opposed to that forever.And I especially hated that letter from that wicked fool in Colorado! And my reasons are:
1) Killing of the sick, disabled, weak, 'terminal' is a crime or it should be.
2) it is not the duty of medical doctors to kill on demand. To do that makes them no better in my opinion than hired assassins, who are glad to 'terminate' someone for a fee.
3) The public will not ever trust health care decision makers as long as the discussion is about who, when and how the sick die. When the debate becomes how they live,then there will be more enthusiam for the rewriting of health care delivery.
4) Doctors are not GOD, and they may be able to predict a patient's death but to cause a patient's death has to be illegal, in a civilized society.
5) Patients don't always die when they are predicted too. As one wise MD said long ago on grand rounds, 'patients don't read medical textbooks' meaning that they have their own course of response to medicines, treatments even surgery--each being a unique individual.
6) The public trust is absolutely essential to the functioning of health care and for that matter any publicly licensed entity. When the public doubts whether their doctor will 'predict ' death then accomplish that with drugs, or help them live, patients will quit going to doctors and turn to other methods of healing. Maybe it is time to do that--seek the vitamins and good diet, and common sense approach to life and well-being instead of mega-drama in hospitals with a toss of the coin as to who lives and who dies. Dying at home of natural causes is certainly more desirable than being drugged to death in a cold, foreign [as in not in your own bed] environment surrounded by trigger-happy with syringes psychopath doctors or nurses who get their jollies dispatching people to the other realm.
7) There is hair line difference in what those letters call terminal sedation and active intentional euthanasia which itself is a supposedly secretive word for medical killing. It is abhorrent to me. And killing whether by medical doctors/nurses or assassins is a sin against GOD who wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill'. Exodus 20:13.
It does not surprise me that Colorado birthplace of the heinous sin/crime of premeditated murders in the womb, is now trying to expand their killing business to include other 'unwanteds' also. The state of JonBenet Ramsey, and Columbine has as its claim to fame the numbers of people killed there or maimed annually by their drug-whacked population. Avoid them like the Bubonic plague! And NEVER take advice from any one who thinks he or she has a 'right ' or a 'duty' to kill! Flee from evil the Bible says.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri.


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