Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Obama Doesn't know would fill an ocean

It appalls me that a bunch of lawyers are trying to 'reform' health care when they have no clue what health care is! They have no intention of improving health care. Their goal is to capture the health care dollars and pretend to give every able bodied person in the U S the 'sense' of having something . If they applied the same principles to for instance the car industry and they said every person in America had the 'right' to own a car and drive one, and that car manufacturers had to revise their sales prices, and their marketing, and their rules so even the poorest could afford a car, then there would be no Mercedes, or Ferraris,or Jaguars, or Lincoln Towncars, or BMW [beemers affectionately] or Lexus models but instead all versions of fancy motorized scooter-sized cars with no features such as air-conditioning etc. If they applied the same rules to the legal profession that they are trying to force onto the public for health care, then everyone person would be guaranteed a lawyer when they needed one, and every person especially women would probably be better off after divorce and after violence against them, and every person could sue everybody. But of course rich lawyers do not want to socialize lawyering just doctoring, because then rich lawyers would not get rich, just guaranteed a small income for doing nothing for their clients.
And for Obama's statement in the public schools where he is taking his propaganda like snake oil on the road, about not having death panels, that is so much hooey, piled high and deep. They don't call them death panels but that is the function of them and in reality they have existed since the late 80's when Peer Review came into political correctness.A bunch of people [and then it was Registered Nurses doing the review but now it is high school graduates with a set of insurance rules] from a distance looked at the aspects of a medical record that the facility chose to send to them and applied a set of rules to it, called protocols. And if the person requesting some health care method met a set of rules [called protocols] then they got 'prior approval'. And if they didn't, they didn't. There are many panels of this sort operating and that is true since the 80s when unlicensed and unskilled insurance company representatives would call into the ICU [ Critical Care Unit] and ask the nurses when they planned to move so-and-so patient out of the ICU since it was so expensive? I know for fact that is true because I worked as a float in the ICU intermittently; and in the Shock-Trauma Unit years ago, and had to deal with those nuisance calls from insurance companies too. Here is what you have to remember: health insurance only makes money IF it does not pay out money. IF it pays out money, it does not make money, so they set the rules to pay-out as little of the money they take in as possible. That is true whether the government runs the program or private insurers do.
The reason Obama wants to socialize the health care system is because of Medicare--because it does pay for health care for the elderly and for the handicapped, but those are two segments of the economy not deemed to be necessary to the sort of world Obama envisions as he plans his annihilation of human babies around the world, trick. The Medicare program --a taste of the concept of everybody paying in something and some people getting health care--was teetering on bankruptcy in the 80's and the drug bill to facilitate cheap or free drugs a la old Ted Kennedy did it in,completely, adding trillions to the cost of the program. Now Obama and his phony economists who think still that swindling the public is the best method to accomplish those million dollar perqs for the 'elite' in office in high places, are trying to 'reform' the program because it was paying out money to provide health care to the elderly and handicapped [disability folks of any age].And don't forget they 'reformed' Medicare to pay for dialysis forever for those whose bodies were so systemically sick as to destroy their own kidneys,20 years ago, and then they 'reformed' it again to pay that ungodly from hell organization named hospice that gets paid to kill off the sick and elderly. So look out. When the President goes on the road to sell his propaganda [minus the bullhorn, that'd be a dead give-away] he is lying through his teeth. Of course he may actually believe the propaganda he learned at Harvard and via his socialist upbringing where he got a lot of perqs and education for no reason except the color of his skin; and socialism has been very good to him and Harvard nincompoop Gates too. Those who got where they are by means of socialism instead of hard work, think socialism is the answer to everything.
Don't listen to Obama. He does not know what he is talking about. He is not a medical doctor and did not put a medical doctor as head of Health and Human Services precisely because medical doctors really hate socialized medicine and its multitudinous forms to complete BEFORE they are given 'permission' by an unskilled and ignorant person to proceed.
Just vote NO to socialized medicine what ever label Obama and his voodoo krewe stick on it.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. licensed in Colorado, and artist, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 3:17PM, 1-Aug-2009


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