Friday, August 07, 2009

U S State Dept Did Ask Twitter to delay repair

"Asked whether Twitter had been urged to do so by the US government, he said: "There were many people who asked us to do that, including someone from the State Department, but that's not why we did it."
This quote is from the BBC article :
"Twitter Iran delay 'not forced'" today at:
7:12 AM 8/7/2009. And is the response to the question of did the U S State Dept demand a delay in restoring/upgrading Twitter service.

I KNEW the U S State Department was involved in what happened yesterday. Hillary hacker's are probably what took down Twitter, LiveJournal, Apple iphone's and tried to take down Google too, yesterday because the Clintons and their also-ran Obama really hate negative publicity and have no qualms about destroying computers, websites, platforms, telephones, or any other service that is used to communicate what evil they are doing. I know for certain Hillary's hackers tried to destroy my blog that was at for two years [2006-2008) because I called her a jezebel for killing innocents, then when she could not destroy the blog itself she used her political in-roads to corruption to take down many of my websites that were hosted on the same company of of Pennsylvania. And Obama and his voodoo krewe, because I put up a website named 'demand civil liberties for preborn', paid hackers to put vile stuff on it as a set-up so they could then turn around and take that website down too. I took the vile stuff down before they did because it bothered me and upset me greatly. I am Christian and do not ever put vile stuff or illegal content on any website or blog or album of my paintings,sketches, and drawings. The vile sodomite p*rnography did not bother agnostic Obama and his campaign HQ at all, and I am sure it came from them. But they knew I'd report it to the U S Dept of Justice and then they used the info I sent to the dept in the pocket of the catholic church, to take down my Christian [as in not catholic false doctrine] websites that oppose idolatry, sodomy and abortion, all sins against GOD.

I am glad Twitter told the world that the U S State Department did ask them to comply with what the Secretary of State Clinton wanted. Tell how the U S government interferes into privately owned businesses and the freedom of Press. Shout it to the world. Let all know that the U S is suppressing the liberties of its citizens in the same way they accuse North Korea or Iran of doing.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ 7:28 AM, 7-Aug-2009 @ Denver Colorado 80203


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