Saturday, August 08, 2009

No Nazi Medicine; Fire Hillary, Hang Bill for treason

I read some of the news today in the NY Times as I usually do, and the BBC as I always do. And of course Google news first! I love Google. And I loved Yahoo when it worked before the U S government take-over of it. And I have these comments today:
1)Some of the NY Times articles are blocked and cannot be opened on line which makes me think that they are sneaky in some way or the isp would not block them.
2)) That article about how Senators did not find Senators in breach of their own so-called "ethics rules" which in reality are not rules at all since they include such egregious conflicts of interest as former Senator Hillary Clinton with White House aspirations being appointed to a position that allows her to use her husband's rolodex from his White House corruption,and to politick in every nation. An 'ethics ' set of rules that does not see that obvious conflict of interest is a mockery. And if there were 'ethic rules' there, why are they selectively enforced? When Republicans are accused of something they are hounded by the Press to resign but when Democrats are found guilty of crimes,they do not resign. Asking the crooked Senators to decide if the crooked Senators should be punished is akin to asking felons caught in the crime to decide if they should be punished. Of course they protect their own as do lawyers when they are accused of crimes or have malfeasance, or corruption, or malpractice. They are all lawyers with no interest but their own at stake.And that seems to be also true of the House of Representatives. It seems to be time to dispense with them all, vote them all of office and get some who actually have read and studied the real written laws of the United States and not just Puerto Rico's.
3) I am still opposed to ObamaCare for the same reasons I was opposed to HillaryCare years ago. Nazi Medicine by any name is still no life-affirming reality but a set of rules set up to determine who gets any real health care [provision of services leading to life] and who gets a run-around, and excuses. Socialized medicine puts all decisions into the hands of a government bureaucrat. Well, you've seen those at work; think of the trillion debt package to reward criminals on Wall St and big banks buying up small banks with the TARP money, and bailing out billionaire fraudsters, and the $215 MILLION for 3 private jets for King-wannabees in the U S Senate and Speaker of the House; and Obama who was not yet inaugurated taking a $10 Million 2 week vacation in Hawaii. Who knew a family of four needed ten million to vacation in Hawaii? Would you call Obama --liar to the teeth-- a limosine liberal, living high on the hog as my daddy would have said, while telling the poor they have to 'sacrifice'?
4) That bunch in Washington DC should be "tarred and feathered and run out of town"! Their so-called values are a bunch of hogwash. They would "swallow a camel" for the rich Obamites and the rich Clintons and the rich Kennedys and strain at a gnat for the poor. If you doubt that, then remember that the really poor who went to college on student loans are still expected to repay their loans while rich bankers and rich auto dealers, and rich drug dealers, and rich computer company owners {Microsoft has the backing of the U S Dept of Justice trick] are given MILLIONS to help them, with no guarantees of repayment ever.
5) I read in a couple of articles that there are some calling those who protest the Nazi reform of health care as being a 'lynch mob". Well maybe that is what it will take to undo the evil brewing in Washington, D.C. A place where the U S Constitution bears no weight whatsoever and resolutions they sponsor bear no resemblance to what the written laws are already; but crooks make them up as they go along. A Republic which the U S is, and NOT a democracy is supposed to follow the agreed upon by the people set of rules [called ratification] . A democracy is mob-rule, but hey that is how the demoncrats got into power in the first place creating chaos to benefit from it, manipulating the banks [via Obama's grandmother's banking connections then of course she died suddenly to prevent her from telling] to create panic. If the U S is a democracy as the socialist say then everyone could vote by computer on what laws they want, and we as a nation could dispense with the congress and the President altogether. No need for them if a democracy, where each person is endowed with his or her own set of rules to be enforced [the central theme of socialism and communism is the denial of GOD ALMIGHTY and setting each human as their own god.].
6) And is there any surprise that Hillary the jezebel 'defended' that crook treasonous man she is married too, whose coattails she rode into office on? Well, it looks like she is going to ride out of office on them too, and thank GOD. Send her into outer space where she can do no harm.
And hang Bill Clinton for treason.
& ) And if you believe for a moment that Russia has the ability to take down Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Yahoo, simultanously and try to take down Apple Computers and Google, you should buy the Brooklyn Bridge; and maybe the Golden Gate bridge --its for sale too.
/s/ Gloria Poole,@ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 8:00AM, 8-Aug-2009;
Update at 9:36 Am after also being attacked AGAIN by the U S government censorship team of Obama-Hillary:
I have these comments to the news today as posted since 8:00AM:
Sotomayer is also the first unconstitutional so called Justice but everyone knows why she was selected-to grant citizenship to Obama and others who are illegal aliens.{For why she is unconstitutional see previous entries on this blog.]
The DDoS attacks against Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, Google are intended to prevent criticism of Hillary-Obama and their efforts to ramrod socialized medicine on the nation. The attacks won't stop until they are defeated or the people in this nation 'decide' to accept socialism and ungodly evil. Don't ever quit! Publish the truth. The attacks are from the U S Pentagon and that group of cybercriminals who work for the demoncrats including those who just resigned and the woman who ran Hewlett Packard a few years ago. They are trying to fry your computers to prevent your First Amendment liberties,and believe me, I know. I have had 6 different computers in the six years I've lived in Colorado because of their tactics and attempts to destroy my witness and the prolife message and my opposition to the evil of planned killing of innocents in the womb.
And NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER sign the government's 'end of life' or 'living will' legal waiver of your right to life ! Do not ever sign away your life or your vital organs--you need them as much as the chronically systemically ill, do, or more.Usually the same process that destroyed the body parts of the systemically ill, would also destroy a new set of parts so don't buy the propaganda poop about helping save others. Save your life too and the lives of your family by not waiving your right to life and your 'right' to medical attention when in a hospital or emergency room.
And for your info, I was 'attacked' a few minutes ago by effort to prevent me as I was updating my pages at: and the links on it, and also my profile for it at:
The wicked really hate for prolifers to publish prolife content while they are trying to convince the nation to accept "death on demand as your duty to socialism".
Update at 10:24 AM after US censorship tried to fry my computer again. I am posting the code here that is causing problems to my computer, trying to hang it up to require reboot. Also remember that Casale is a ngo in Denver that is basically for hispanic people; and it is news to me that there is a casalemedia but according to the code, there is:
This is the code from the denver post page that tried to block my computer today:

I could not post the code here even with commenting it out. So I am going to add it to another place and I will link to it. I want you to see it. It shows the twitter connections and the casalemedia connections also.
Update at 10:52AM:
the link to the page where I put the code that tried to crash my computer a few minutes ago is:
and click the link to it by the same name. It should be safe to open.
I tried to comment all the active code just so you know in that page.


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