Saturday, August 22, 2009

Health Care as Opposed to Health Financing; Other "Reforms'

I am a Registered Nurse, but I am also a Republican who believes in the Republican form of government. It is common sense that a man could better take care of his family [even his divorced family] than a bureaucracy 1700 miles away could. Or in the case of California a bureaucracy 3400 miles away. I worked for pay in health care for a long time as a Registered Nurse and I worked as a student in the public health care sector. I tell you plainly there is no comparison between privately paid for health care and publicly paid for health care. It is like comparing a Mercedes to a a broken down jalopy. The U S Congress knows that, and that is precisely why they have exempted themselves from any health care 'reform' of Obama's. The sort of health care that they get is not to be found anywhere else in the U S and they intend to keep it that way by their rules, regulations and takeover of health care dollars. There are some ways health care could be reformed and still have a liberty-based method, and I include some of my ideas, here:
1) give rewards by reducing taxes in direct proportion to how much is spent on health care insurance.
2) allow health care funds similar to 401ks that collect interest, have no penalty for withdrawals, guarantee the funds are not lost, [similar to FDIC] and that pays health care providers directly. Sort of a like a health care debit card system with one's own money saved from taxes.
3) teach individual responsibility for their families to the men in this nation beginning in childhood.
4) Garnish the wages of those deadbeat dads and no-good men who hurt women and then are told to pay them and don't; in order that the women could afford what they needed also for themselves and their children; instead of allowing, facilitating wayward immoral men keeping all their assets.
5) requiring mandatory science classes in which anatomy and physiology, and human development of a baby in the womb, and good health practices are taught as three separate classes, with grading as for any class required.
5) Require insurers to pay all claims of the sick, handicapped, elderly who pay premiums; and dispense with the so-called fraud prevention [prevent fraud at the level of the sign up] and put the millions that flow to those groups [fraud-prevention,PEER review, rationing panels] back into the care of the sick.
6) Do not spend health care dollars on preventions since most health care preventions that work are free. Think of not smoking. Does a person need a payment of some kind to not smoke? Or not to overeat? Or not to eat scavengers? Good health care practices including abstaining from immoral, promiscuous, or perverted s-e-x* do not cost money to the people involved. For more on this topic visit another site of mine at and click the link at the bottom of the page to Optimum Health is Achievable, teachings by me as a R.N. and women who knows the health care laws of the Bible.
7) Take away the U S Congress's government provided health care and tell them to buy their own health care. They make a lot of money.
8) Take away the nationally run Bethesda Naval Hospital for the President, and staff and Congress and expect them to go to the same hospitals everyone else has to go too in the DC metro area.
* Hyphenated to avoid s-p-am-bots flooding my inbox with offers for;
These are my starter ideas on this subject of health care reform.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203; 22-Aug-2009 @ 6:13PM
Update; I thought on this some more and am adding these ideas also:
continued from above:
9) make any person who injured another person seriously enough to require hospitalization, surgery and/or emergency room visits, pay all the costs of that into an escrow account to be paid to the providers, before any plea bargain is made and before any fines or punishments are set.
10) 'grandfather' in those who paid in to the system of Social Security and /or disability insurance, and are dependent upon it presently; and set the date of reform in the future so people have time to plan.
11) Make all felons pay a heavy fine [approx $10,000 equal to the fees that they normally pay into the legal system] to the support of local hospitals that provide indigent care.
12) Make drug companies provide free pharmaceuticals to those approved for Medicare Medicaid disability from their funds. Pharmaceutical companies are the richest entities in the US surpassing insurers, and banks in assets.
13) Stop funding 'biomedical' or any research with health care dollars. Expect so-called scientist to seek their funding as do other people.
14) Stop paying doctors that kill, including that evil subset named 'abortionists' from any government fund.



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