Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Communist Obama blocking/frying private computers AGAIN

I read the fake headlines about how Afghanistan is blocking the news.It is the U S Pentagon protecting Obama from speech, that is blocking bloggers, and twitter, and the methods of communicating with other citizens.Don't be fooled by Obama's latest media trick. He is the person blocking the news not Afghanistan. Colorado is not a territory of Mexico yet nor of Afghanistan but they use the same tactics with abuse of power from idolator Ritter in the Governor's office.What a pity that corrupt man does not resign. This nation would be enormously better off if we sent all of the comrades of Obama the Clintons the Pelosis the Kennedys and the wicked on the Supreme Court to Afghanistan.
It is 1:27 PM on 18-Aug-2009 and since about 8 AM I have been trying to prevent the federal government from frying my computer. Obama and his voodoo krewe would fit right with North Korea,no doubt why they sent comrade B Clinton there to get his trade secrets of blocking all communications across the nation.

I really hate Obama. I merely disapproved of his baby-killing-schemes and his methods before but now I HATE him. He and his computer hackers have tried to prevent me from sending my photos of my two daughters and my grandchildren to my sister's computer in the state of Georgia. I know that Harvard does not recognize the state of Georgia they only recognize Puerto Rico non-citizens and Mexican non-citizens, and comrades from North Korea. And Obama and his voodoo krewe have snooped into my bank account and my health care [through the ungodly and not for health care so-called clinic on Stout St in Colorado where i had to go when injured seriously by my then husband the man from hell.[divorced from devil named Dana Ben Pappas or Dana Papas as he spells it since Dec 2008 to avoid the stupid and wicked cops of Denver being able to locate him on their so-called database of felons.]

Don't you red-blooded Americans really hate comrade Obama? Because I despise him for trying to destroy my computer; and he did that because I do not take bribes and kickbacks from BIG DRUG COMPANIES and BIG BABY KILLING INDUSTRY, nor BIG Baby-shredding-decapitating-industry, NOR FROM BIG CIGARETTE AND ALCOHOL INDUSTRIES as he does. And I have to have the computers I could afford since being prolife and christian makes one immediately suspect in the eyes of communist homeland defense. The communist change agents cannot win the battle. PRAY those of you who KNOW GOD and know HE does not condone killing policies of those who believe that they have a so-called right to kill when GOD said 'thou shalt not kill". And don't forget that jezebel Hillary Clinton from hell. She is the woman whose computer-hackers destroyed my christian websites for opposing her campaign and she and that perverts-best-friend named Arlen Specter from the state from hell named Pennsylvania, misused their power to take down my websites for opposing sodomy and sin of abortion and those who promote sin as a lifestyle. I believe the U S has the most wicked administration that it ever had in its history.

I am similar to Obama's preacher that he dumped during his campaign; and that means I am praying for GOD to defeat the evil in America and Obama too.
signed Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse and artist in oils @ 1:34PM 18-Aug=2009 @ Denver Colorado 80203


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