Friday, July 03, 2009

Shut up those who kill or promote killing!

I read in the Denver Post this am an article that the prolifers in Colorado are going to put forward another Amendment to define personhood. And I say yes! And thank GOD! And this time maybe if the propaganda forces of the killing machinery of Planned Unparenthood is not allowed to hijack the mainstream press of the Colorado newspapers, the people will vote for the right thing to do. The right thing to do is to define personhood as including all humans with human DNA and human cells and human tissues, and human brains, and human emotions, and human bodies or any stage of that development. If we as a nation say collectively to those evil voices demanding killing as a right "SHUT UP" and get out of this country and go back to hell where you belong, then maybe there would be hope for America.
The medical facts about how humans develop in the womb were available to the U S Supreme Court when that evil infamous and deadly sin of Roe v Wade was forced upon the nation by the illegal usurpation of power by the U S Supreme Court. It is shameful to have to say that in America there is a trained ignorance on medical facts also known as brainwashing. Even those studying to be doctors are told nonsense and untruths in the eternal quest by the killing industries for the perfect assassin of innocents--the person licensed by the state and federal governments {medical doctors] and then twisted/perverted to dispense death. IS God mocked? The Bible says not in Galatians 6:7. Even Michael Jackson though not an innocent, was done in by a medical doctor most likely if the news reports are true since only medical doctors have DEA permits to get potentially deadly anesthestics.
Now here's the facts: human beings when they reproduce, reproduce themselves and that would be HUMANS. Human only produce humans when they reproduce and that is also true of any other species and it is called the law of the species. And it is medical fact that a human gamete cell whether from an ovary or from a testicle is alive, and moves about, and ingests nutrients, and excretes waste across the cell membrane even when it's body 'mass' is one cell. There has been a massive brainwashing effort in the U S since that ungodly and evil Roe v Wade usurpation of the rights of the people to amend the U S Constitution and those who do not know the Scriptures or have a relationship with THE LIVING GOD are like sheep to slaughter -they are dumb as wooden planks about human anatomy and how life is created, IF they don't make conscious efforts to get the facts.
The groups in the US that kill with deliberation and premeditation are Planned Unparenthood, Center for Reproductive [Killing] Rights, U N Family Planning, Sex Information and Education Propaganda Machinery of these others aka SIECUS; and these groups are the shadow government in Congress. They have tried to hijack the U S and that evil leader of theirs i.e. Obama is now trying to hijack the internet with his plan to 'protect" the U S so-called leadership from criticism by the citizens. Listen up, it is the attitude in Congress by those in power for 40-50 years that ran this nation into the ground with their false rights and their evil that is the enemy. The U S was begun with good motives but like that python in Florida the evil serpent in the Garden strangled the life out of the true government and bankrupted it by flaunting the laws of GOD in the face of GOD.
This time get it right Colorado, Vote Prolife, rout the devil and send him back to hell where he belongs. Those who kill innocents in the womb or elsewhere are evil. And they have no right to government protection but should be hunted by the government and prosecuted and yes that includes women who kill their offspring.
It is time for a personhood Amendment at the federal level and I am praying that GOD raises up a person with gumption and conviction of The Holy Spirit to keep on keeping on until that Amendment to protect innocent human life is public law.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist in oils, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:00 AM , 3-July-2009.
Also see for medical facts of how humans develop in the womb and see for medical illustrations of that.
Update at 10:28 AM after reading some of the news.
Harvard groupthink on display again and again it is a fiasco! The U S has already failed the preborn, the veterans, the elderly and disabled with the federal programs to protect them and provide them for health care. And now since all of those programs are such abysmal failures the stupid and the wicked in Congress and White House want to expand the failures to include all people. They want more people to trick and decieve into thinking they are getting something of real value when they pay their government mandated 'health care premiums [that may not provide anyone any health care but may be only a way of creating new taxes]. And by the way, there is already a system for public health and guess what it is called? U S Dept of Public Health where almost anyone could go to get treatment at least for infectious diseases but which is underutilized and almost unknown in most cities!


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