Sunday, July 12, 2009

Revenge of the Alamo=Sotomayer

Years ago I visited the Alamo in Texas where Mexicans and Texans fought and died for liberty. Then ten years after that 'independence' of Texas from Mexico Texas was annexed by the United States. A reminder that the motives of the U S have been to behave imperially for centuries--it is not a new or sudden adventure for them to try to control and rule the world in other words. I figure nominee Sotomayer is the revenge of the Mexicans for the Alamo. She is a liberal idolator catholic as most "Latina women' are and her focus will be on her self, her 'goals' for America and what is good for the catholic idolator religion and not what is written in the U S Constitution or what is good for the nation collectively. She has made it very clear that she intends to advance the cause of illegal aliens to the US and that she will favor those groups outside the law and who would be outside the boundaries of the US IF they were law-abiding. She has also made it clear she will favor 'hispanic' groups.
When I visited the Alamo and read the history of it again, I was sad for those men who died seemingly without any success to gain independence, but their deaths were not in vain because those left behind were more determined than ever to be free of Mexico and its conquistadores and its heathen idolatry of the Mayans, Incans, and other groups without GOD. So the men there fought and died for a cause. Long ago in Georgia I heard a man that I admired much and still do for his fervent standing-up for the principles of GOD say that if there is nothing you would die to protect then you have nothing to live for.
It seems to me that the United States is untied --not united and that there may be a long long time before it is united again. The issues of this nation have little to do with the economy and everything to do with a nation that abandoned GOD and the Commandments of GOD in pursuit of money and false gods. Those who worship Obama disgust me. And I would feel that way about any worship of any human. Worshipping humans or declaring them the saviour of the world is as it was in JESUS's time on the earth when the rabble-rousers wanted Barabbas the thief instead of JESUS the Messiah. IS there any difference now? The Untied States of America seem [according to some so-called news reports] prefer Barrabas Obama instead of JESUS the Messiah.
Obama's plan to plunder and loot every resource, every fund for the poor and disabled, every household so he could buy power and influence around the world with his billion dollar hand-outs to the rich embezzlers and fraudsters, is as it was when the rabble-rousers demanded Barabbas be saved while JESUS was crucified.
The men of Mexico at the Alamo would be shouting hallejah to their false god for the nomination of Sonia Sotomayer to represent them in their take-over of America.
I have lived in Colorado since Oct 2002 and in that time, I have had forced upon many Mexicans and even more 'hispanics' who do not know GOD in any fashion, and do not know the Commandments of GOD and when they are told them, they scoff at them, and say 'those are not relevant because of baby JESUS who died on the Cross so we could sin" --a total perversion of the true gospel. JESUS did die for our sins at least those who repent of their sins, but not so they could continue killing and maiming and paying bribes to wicked false priests and sodomizing children and raping their minor children and profaning GOD's HOLY NAME with the names of idolators attached to the word Christian which is supposed to mean followers of JESUS in the same breath.
I am living testimony from having survived a violent second marriage in which a catholic man that I was marrried too at that time, set out to kill me because I said 'GOD had always protected me" and in which that same violent catholic man injured me seriously and then paid bribes to the catholic false priest to vouch for him. I am telling you that the Untied States of America do not need any more false priests or any more catholics in high places. Just vote NO MORE CATHOLICS on Supreme Court!
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 9:30AM 12-July-2009
bX-qfxr50 is human recognition code . I am human and I am republican and YES I am very opposed to Obama's plan to annex Mexico and Ghana on his way to socializing the world and enriching the felons, embezzlers, crooks and cocaine addicts.


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